cdnowElog: CDNOW event log data

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Data representing the purchasing behavior of 2,357 CDNOW customers between January 1997 and June 1998, in event log format.


A comma-delimited file representing an event log with 6,919 entries. It has 5 columns: The customer's ID in the master dataset, the customer's ID in this dataset (which represents 1/10th of the master dataset), the date of the transaction in the format "%Y%m%d" (e.g. 19970225), the number of CDs purchased, and the dollar value of the transaction.


The customers in this data represent 1/10th of the cohort of customers who made their first transactions with CDNOW in the first quarter of 1997. CDNOW was an online retailer, selling music and related products on the web since 1994.


Can be found online.

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