Defines functions pnorm_or_qnorm

Documented in pnorm_or_qnorm

#' @title pnorm or qnorm
#' @description The author is stupid, so he is confused  \code{pnorm()} and  \code{qnorm()}.
#' @description Thu author always forget which is cumulative distribution of Gaussia, so I made this and this tells me which is mmy desired one.
#' In this package, I often use \eqn{\Phi()} for the standard Gaussian, and it is \code{pnorm()}.
#' I am very confuse, since probability density  has initial alphabet p, but \code{pnorm()} is not it.

pnorm_or_qnorm <- function(){

  message(" cumulative distribution function is stats::pnorm")


  x <-stats::rnorm(10000)


   x <-stats::rnorm(10000)

# Phi <- stats::pnorm
# Phi_inverse <- stats::qnorm

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