Defines functions doubledHaploid

Documented in doubledHaploid

#'Doubled haploids
#'@param sEnv the environment that BSL functions operate in. Default is "simEnv" so use that to avoid specifying when calling functions
#'@param nProgeny the number of progeny
#'@param popID population ID to be devided by meiosis and doubled (default: the latest population)
#'@return modifies the list sims in environment sEnv by creating a doubled haploid progeny population as specified, with an incremented population number
doubledHaploid <- function(sEnv=NULL, nProgeny=100, popID=NULL){
  doubledHaploid.func <- function(bsl, nProgeny, popID){
    locPos <- bsl$mapData$map$Pos
      popID <- max(bsl$genoRec$popID)
    tf <- bsl$genoRec$popID %in% popID
    GIDpar <- bsl$genoRec$GID[tf]
    nPar <- length(GIDpar)
    geno <- bsl$geno[rep(GIDpar*2, each=2) + rep(-1:0, nPar),]
    geno <- makeDHs(popSize=nProgeny, geno=geno, pos=locPos)
    pedigree <- cbind(matrix(GIDpar[geno$pedigree], nProgeny), -1)
    geno <- geno$progenies
    bsl <- addProgenyData(bsl, geno, pedigree)
    if(exists("simEnv", .GlobalEnv)){
      sEnv <- get("simEnv", .GlobalEnv)
    } else{
      stop("No simulation environment was passed")
  parent.env(sEnv) <- environment()
  with(sEnv, {
    if (exists("totalCost")){
      budgetRec <- rbind(budgetRec, data.frame(GID=max(budgetRec$GID) + 1:nProgeny, popID=rep(max(budgetRec$popID) + 1, nProgeny), hasGeno=FALSE))
      totalCost <- totalCost + nProgeny * costs$doubHapCost 
    if (!onlyCost){
      if(nCore > 1){
        snowfall::sfInit(parallel=T, cpus=nCore)
        sims <- snowfall::sfLapply(sims, doubledHaploid.func, nProgeny=nProgeny, popID=popID)
      } else{
        sims <- lapply(sims, doubledHaploid.func, nProgeny=nProgeny, popID=popID)

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