collapse-internal: Internal functions for collapseDose process

collapse-internalR Documentation

Internal functions for collapseDose process


These internal functions aid the main functions used in the collapse process (collapseDose, makeDose).


qrbind: fast version of

nowarnnum: converts a variable to numeric and suppresses warnings

most: returns the mode

pairDay: calculates daily dose for dose sequences

mergeAdjacent: collapses adjacent rows that have a drug name change

borrowFreqDoseSeq: imputes a frequency of 'pm' if the preceding row has a frequency of 'am' or 'noon' and there is a 'pm' elsewhere in the note

borrowVal: borrow a unique value within a drug mention

reOrder: order rows

borrowWithinDoseSeq: borrow values within a dose sequence

calcDailyDose: calculates daily dose

daySeqDups: look for duplicate dose sequence

rmDuplicates: removes redundant rows

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