pk-internal: Internal functions for pk analysis

pk-internalR Documentation

Internal functions for pk analysis


codetakeClosest: take value at nearest time


codetakeClosestTime: find nearest time

codedaysDiff: number of days between two dates

codeminDiff: difference (in minutes) of time vector

codefixDates: add leading zeroes to date

codejoinFlowMar: rbind two data sets

codeupdateInterval_mod: replace maxint with difference between surgery time and infusion time (if smaller than maxint)

codefix_serum_time: create time variable

codemerge_by_time: impute in x by closest time in y

codemerge_inf_bolus: combine infusion and bolus into one hourly dose file

codeaddZeroDose: add rows of zero dose, after a gap


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