mod-internal: Internal functions for EHR modules

mod-internalR Documentation

Internal functions for EHR modules


codecolflow_mod: build a comparison of potentially duplicate flow data


codefindMedFlowRow_mod: find row numbers for matching ID and time

codeflowData_mod: correct flow data

codeconcData_mod: correct concentration data

codeinfusionData_mod: combine flow and MAR data; standardize hourly rate, which may or may not include weight

coderesolveDoseDups_mod: correct duplicated infusion and bolus doses


codeprocessErx: prepare e-prescription data

codeprocessErxAddl: additional processing, checking for connected observations

codevalidateColumns: check columns are in place

coderead: generic read function

codesetDoseMar: set unit/rate/date columns

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