Man pages for ENMeval
Automated Runs and Evaluations of Ecological Niche Models

calc.aiccCalculate AICc from Maxent model prediction
calc.niche.overlapCalculate Similarity of ENMs in Geographic Space
corrected.varCalculate variance corrected for non-independence of _k_-fold...
ENMeval-packageAutomated runs and evaluations of ecological niche models
enmeval_resultsAn object of class "ENMevaluation"
ENMevaluateTuning and evaluation of ENMs with Maxent
ENMevaluation-classClass '"ENMevaluation"'
eval2An object of class "ENMevaluation"
eval.plotGenerate Basic Plot for ENMevaluate Output
get.evaluation.binsMethods to partition data for evaluation
make.argsGenerate arguments for Maxent
maxnet.functionsFunctions for compatability with maxnet package
var.importanceExtract percent contribution and permutation importance from...
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