Man pages for ENMeval
Automated Tuning and Evaluations of Ecological Niche Models

aic.maxentCalculate AICc from Maxent model prediction
buildRMMBuild metadata object from ENMeval results
bvariegatusExample occurrence dataset.
calc.10p.trainThreshCalculate 10 percentile threshold
calc.niche.overlapCalculate Similarity of ENMs in Geographic Space
clamp.varsClamp predictor variables
corrected.varCorrected variance function generic for ENMnull object generic for ENMnull object
emp.occsemp.occs generic for ENMnull object
emp.occs.grpemp.occs.grp generic for ENMnull object
enm.argsenm.args generic for ENMdetails object
enm.bioclimENMdetails bioclim
ENMdetailsENMdetails class
enm.errorsenm.errors generic for ENMdetails object
ENMeval-packageAutomated runs and evaluations of ecological niche models
enmeval_resultsExample ENMevaluation object.
ENMevaluateTune ecological niche model (ENM) settings and calculate...
ENMevaluationENMevaluation class
ENMevaluation_convertConvert old ENMevaluation objects to new ones generic for ENMdetails object
enm.maxent.jarENMdetails maxent.jar
enm.maxnetENMdetails maxnet
enm.msgsenm.msgs generic for ENMdetails object generic for ENMdetails object
enm.ncoefsenm.ncoefs generic for ENMdetails object
ENMnullENMnull class
ENMnullsGenerate null ecological niche models (ENMs) and compare null...
enm.predictenm.predict generic for ENMdetails object
enm.variable.importanceenm.variable.importance generic for ENMdetails object
eval.algorithmeval.algorithm generic for ENMevaluation object generic for ENMevaluation object generic for ENMevaluation object
eval.clamp.directionseval.clamp.directions generic for ENMevaluation object
eval.doClampeval.doClamp generic for ENMevaluation object
eval.modelseval.models generic for ENMevaluation object
eval.occseval.occs generic for ENMevaluation object
eval.occs.grpeval.occs.grp generic for ENMevaluation object
eval.occs.testingeval.occs.testing generic for ENMevaluation object
eval.other.settingseval.other.settings generic for ENMevaluation object
eval.overlapeval.overlap generic for ENMevaluation object
eval.partition.methodeval.partition.method generic for ENMevaluation object
eval.partition.settingseval.partition.settings generic for ENMevaluation object
evalplot.envSim.histSimilarity histogram plots for partition groups
evalplot.envSim.mapSimilarity maps for partition groups
evalplot.grpsPartition group plots
evalplot.nullsENMnulls statistics plot
evalplot.statsENMevaluation statistics plot
eval.predictionseval.predictions generic for ENMevaluation object
eval.resultseval.results generic for ENMevaluation object
eval.results.partitionseval.results.partitions generic for ENMevaluation object
eval.rmmeval.rmm generic for ENMevaluation object generic for ENMevaluation object
eval.tune.settingseval.tune.settings generic for ENMevaluation object
eval.variable.importanceeval.variable.importance (variable importance) generic for...
lookup.enmLook up ENMdetails abject
maxentJARversionLook up version of maxent.jar
null.algorithmnull.algorithm generic for ENMnull object
null.doClampnull.doClamp generic for ENMnull object
null.emp.resultsnull.emp.results generic for ENMnull object
null.mod.settingsnull.mod.settings generic for ENMnull object generic for ENMnull object
null.other.settingsnull.other.settings generic for ENMnull object
null.partition.methodnull.partition.method generic for ENMnull object
null.partition.settingsnull.partition.settings generic for ENMnull object
null.resultsnull.results generic for ENMnull object
null.results.partitionsnull.results.partitions generic for ENMnull object
partitionsMethods to partition data for evaluation
pipePipe operator
rasStackNAsFind NA cells in a RasterStack
similarityCalculate Multivariate Environmental Similarity
tune.enmIterate tuning of ENMs
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