corrected.var: Corrected variance function

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Corrected variance function


Calculate variance corrected for non-independence of k-fold iterations


corrected.var(x, nk)



numeric vector: input values


numeric: number of k-fold iterations


'corrected.var' calculates variance corrected for non-independence of k-fold iterations. See Appendix of Shcheglovitova & Anderson (2013) and other references (Miller 1974; Parr 1985; Shao and Wu 1989) for additional details. This function calculates variance that is corrected for the non-independence of k cross-validation iterations. Following Shao and Wu (1989):

Sum Of Squares * ((n-1)/n)

where n = the number of k-fold iterations.


A numeric value of the corrected variance.


Robert Muscarella <>


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