calc.niche.overlap: Calculate Similarity of ENMs in Geographic Space

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Calculate Similarity of ENMs in Geographic Space


Compute pairwise "niche overlap" in geographic space for Maxent predictions. The value ranges from 0 (no overlap) to 1 (identical predictions). The function uses the nicheOverlap function of the dismo package (Hijmans et al. 2011).


calc.niche.overlap(predictors, overlapStat, quiet = FALSE)



RasterStack: at least 2 Maxent raster predictions


character: either "D" or "I", the statistic calculated by the nicheOverlap function of the dismo package (default: "D")


boolean: if TRUE, silence all function messages (but not errors)


"D" refers to Schoeners D (Schoener 1968), while "I" refers to the I similarity statistic from Warren et al. (2008).


A matrix with the lower triangle giving values of pairwise "niche overlap" in geographic space. Row and column names correspond to the results table output by ENMevaluate().


Based on dismo::nicheOverlap, which is based on SDMTools::Istat Robert Muscarella <>


Hijmans, R. J., Phillips, S., Leathwick, J. & Elith, J. (2011) dismo package for R. Available online at:

Schoener, T. W. (1968) The Anolis lizards of Bimini: resource partitioning in a complex fauna. Ecology, 49: 704-726. doi: 10.2307/1935534

Warren, D. L., Glor, R. E., Turelli, M. & Funk, D. (2008) Environmental niche equivalency versus conservatism: quantitative approaches to niche evolution. Evolution, 62: 2868-2883. doi: 10.1111/j.1558-5646.2008.00482.x

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