Man pages for EcoGenetics
Management and Exploratory Analysis of Spatial Data in Landscape Genetics

aue.accessEcoGenetics slot standard notation. Returns an accessor to...
aue.ad2wgTransforming an adyacency matrix into a local weight matrix...
aue.aggregated_dfGenerate aggregated dataframe
aue.check_classObtain the classes for each column of a data frame
aue.circleCircle perimeter distance to a point.
aue.dataAngleAngles for an XY coordinates matrix
aue.df2imageTransforming a data frame into a raster
aue.ellipseSolid ellipse
aue.formatLineRemove spaces in a line of text
aue.fqalAllelic frequencies
aue.genlabGeneration of generic labels of constant length
aue.geom.distWeight matrices based on different geometries
aue.image2dfTransforming a raster into a data frame with cartesian... of polymorphic loci
aue.phenosimilPhenotypic similarity for vector, matrix or data frame...
aue.pointSolid circle
aue.rescaleScaling a data frame or matrix to [0, 1] or [-1, 1] ranges
aue.rm.nonpolyRemotion of non polymorphic loci
aue.rmspacesRemove spaces and tabs at the begining and the end of each...
aue.rotateRotation of a matrix
aue.seqlistCreation of a sequence of numbers in matrix or list format,...
aue.sortOrdering the content of cells in a matrix. Ordering alleles...
aue.split_categoricalSplit categorical variable into levels, using a second factor...
aue.squareSolid square
eco.alfreqAllelic frequency histograms for an ecogen genetic data frame
eco.associationChi-square and Fisher's exact test for association of loci...
eco.autol-methodsshow eco.lsa
eco.bearingAngular Spatial Weights
eco.cbindCombining ecogen objects by column
eco.clearClearing the working environment, maintaining only the...
eco.convertConversion utility for genetic data
eco.cormantelMantel and partial Mantel correlograms, omnidirectional and...
eco.correlogMoran's I, Geary's C and bivariate Moran's I correlograms,...
eco.detrendDetrending spatial data with polynomial interpolation
eco.detrend-classeco.detrend class
eco.detrend-methodsshow eco.detrend
eco.formatFormat tool for genetic data
eco.formulaFormula construction for ecogen objects
ecogenCreating a new ecogen object
ecogen2ecopopConversion form ecogen to ecopop
ecogen2genelandCreating input data for Geneland with an ecogen object
ecogen2genepopExporting an ecogen genetic data frame into Genepop format
ecogen2genindConversion form ecogen to genind and genind to ecogen
ecogen2gstudioConversion from ecogen to gstudio and gstudio to ecogen
ecogen2hierfstatConverting an ecogen genetic data frame into a hierfstat data...
ecogen2spagediExporting an ecogen genetic data frame into SPAGeDi format
ecogen-classecogen class
EcoGenetics-accessorsGeneric accessors for EcoGenetics objects
ecogenetics_develEcoGenetic devel site
EcoGenetics-packageManagement and Exploratory Analysis of Spatial Data in...
ecogenetics_tutorialEcoGenetic tutorial site
eco.gsaGlobal spatial analysis
eco.gsa-classeco.gsa class
eco.gsa-methodsshow eco.gsa
eco.IBDplot eco.IBD
eco.IBD-classeco.IBD class
eco.IBD-methodsshow eco.IBD
eco.kin.loiselleObtention of the multilocus Loiselle's Fij matrix
eco.lagweightObtention of a list of spatial weights for classes defined by...
eco.lagweight-classeco.lagweight class
eco.lagweight-methodsshow eco.lagweight
ecolist-classecolist class
eco.listw2ewConversion from listw to ecoweight
eco.lmtreeFitting Multiple Linear Regression models by stepwise AIC...
eco.lmtree.mctree-summarySummary for eco.lmtree output
eco.lmtree-methodsshow eco.mlm
eco.lsaLocal spatial analysis
eco.lsa-classeco.lsa class
eco.lsa-methodsplot eco.lsa
eco.malecotGlobal and local kinship analysis
eco.mantelMantel and partial Mantel tests, with truncation option
eco.mergeMerging two ecogen objects. Ordering the rows of an ecogen...
eco.multilsa-classeco.multilsa class
eco.multilsa-methodplot eco.multilsa
eco.NDVIGeneration of atmospherically corrected NDVI and MSAVI2...
eco.NDVI.postPostprocessing for NDVI and MSAVI2 temporal series of Landsat...
eco.orderFunctions deprecated in EcoGenetics version 1.2.0-2
eco.pairtestKruskall - Wallis + Wilcoxon (Mann-Whitney U) and aov +...
eco.plotGlobalGSA plot methods
eco.plotWeightPlot for a connection network
ecopopCreating a new ecopop object
ecopop2genpopConversion form ecopop to genpop and genpop to ecopop
ecopop-classecopop class
ecopop-methodsnames posterior probability plot for Geneland repetitions with...
eco.rasterplotRasterplot graphs
eco.rasterplot-eco.multilsa-methodrasterplot graph for eco.lsa results
eco.rbindCombining ecogen objects by row
eco.removeCreating an updated ecogen object by removing results of the...
eco.slide.conSliding a window along a connection network
eco.slide.matrixSliding window for matrix data
eco.splitSplitting an ecogen object by group
eco.subsetSubsetting an ecogen object by group
eco.theilsenTheil-sen regression for a raster time series
eco.variogramEmpirical variogram
eco.variogram-classeco.variogram class
eco.weightSpatial weights
eco.weight-classeco.weight class
eco.weight-methodsshow eco.weight
forestplot-methodsForestplot graphs
genepop2ecogenImporting a Genepop file
grf.multiplotMultiple plot function for ggplot
grf.seqmultiplotPlot a ggplot sequence in layers of n plots arranged in k...
int.breakbreaks obtention
int.check.colnamesCheck column names
int.check.conCheck a connection network
int.check.groupCheck factor name consistency in a data frame and returns the...
int.check.ncodCheck ploidy and number of digits per allele
int.check.numericCheck numeric format in a data frame
int.check.rownamesCheck row names
int.check.to_numericcheck if elements are numbers and if not convert the matrix...
int.check.vnamesCheck a vector of names
int.corvarToDegeco.correlog output to degrees list
int.crosscorCross correlation. Internal.
int.gearyGeary internal.
int.jackknifed-Jackknife estimation.
int.joincountJoin-count statistic, internal.
int.kin.loiselleobtetion of multilocus Loiselle's Fij matrix
int.mantelMantel and partial Mantel tests, internal.
int.moranMoran internal.
int.multiplotint.multiplot method. Graphical processing of multiple...
int.multiplot-classint.multiplot class
int.multitableTable construction for multiple test result.
int.orderOrdering the rows of the data frames contained in an ecogen...
int.popdata-classint.popdata class
int.random.testrandom test
is.metaDetection of metacharacters
is.wholenumbertest whole number
meta2charMetachacter to character
misc.2symmetricConversion of a non symmetric binary matrix into symmetric.
misc.dlatlon2distmComputing a distance matrix in meters among points in decimal...
misc.parse.filterFilter a raster using a conditional expression and values in...
misc.undimmattgCreates a matrix without diagonal, in row order
pipePipe operator
plot-eco.gsa-ANY-methodPlot for eco.gsa objects
plot-eco.weight-ANY-methodPlot for a connection network
rankplot-methodsRankplot graphs
spagedi2ecogenImporting a SPAGeDi file, via conversion to ecogen
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