Man pages for Hmisc
Harrell Miscellaneous

abs.error.predIndexes of Absolute Prediction Error for Linear Models
addMarginalAdd Marginal Observations if All Elements in Character Vector are Numeric
approxExtrapLinear Extrapolation
aregAdditive Regression with Optimal Transformations on Both...
aregImputeMultiple Imputation using Additive Regression, Bootstrapping,...
binconfConfidence Intervals for Binomial Probabilities
biVarBivariate Summaries Computed Separately by a Series of...
bootkmBootstrap Kaplan-Meier Estimates
bpowerPower and Sample Size for Two-Sample Binomial Test
bpplotBox-percentile plots
bystatsStatistics by Categories
capitalizecapitalize the first letter of a string
ciapowerPower of Interaction Test for Exponential Survival
cnvrt.coordsConvert between the 5 different coordinate sytems on a...
combplotpCombination Plot
consolidateElement Merging
contentsMetadata for a Data Frame
cpowerPower of Cox/log-rank Two-Sample Test
CsCharacter strings from unquoted names
csv.getRead Comma-Separated Text Data Files
curveRepRepresentative Curves
cut2Cut a Numeric Variable into Intervals
data.frame.create.modify.checkTips for Creating, Modifying, and Checking Data Frames
dataRepRepresentativeness of Observations in a Data Set
deffDesign Effect and Intra-cluster Correlation
describeConcise Statistical Description of a Vector, Matrix, Data...
discreteDiscrete Vector tools
dotchart2Enhanced Dot Chart
dotchart3Enhanced Version of dotchart Function
dotchartplEnhanced Version of dotchart Function for plotly
EcdfEmpirical Cumulative Distribution Plot
epiMiscellaneous Functions for Epidemiology
equalBinsMulticolumn Formating
errbarPlot Error Bars
escapeRegexEscapes any characters that would have special meaning in a...
event.chartFlexible Event Chart for Time-to-Event Data
event.convertEvent Conversion for Time-to-Event Data
event.historyProduces event.history graph for survival data
find.matchesFind Close Matches
first.wordFirst Word in a String or Expression
format.dfFormat a Data Frame or Matrix for LaTeX or HTML
format.pvalFormat P Values
gbayesGaussian Bayesian Posterior and Predictive Distributions
getHdataDownload and Install Datasets for 'Hmisc', 'rms', and...
getRsInteract with github rscripts Project
getZipOpen a Zip File From a URL
ggfreqScatterFrequency Scatterplot
ggMiscMiscellaneous ggplot2 and grid Helper Functions
GiniMdGini's Mean Difference
hdquantileHarrell-Davis Distribution-Free Quantile Estimator
hidingTOCMoving and Hiding Table of Contents
histbackbackBack to Back Histograms
histboxpUse plotly to Draw Stratified Spike Histogram and Box Plot... for Variables in a Data Frame
Hmisc-internalInternal Hmisc functions
hoeffdMatrix of Hoeffding's D Statistics
htmlConvert an S object to HTML
imputeGeneric Functions and Methods for Imputation
knitrSetknitr Setup and plotly Service Function
labcurveLabel Curves, Make Keys, and Interactively Draw Points and...
labelLabel Attribute of an Object
LagLag a Numeric, Character, or Factor Vector
latexConvert an S object to LaTeX, and Related Utilities
latexCheckOptionsCheck whether the options for latex functions have been...
latexDotchartEnhanced Dot Chart for LaTeX Picture Environment with epic
latexTabularConvert a Data Frame or Matrix to a LaTeX Tabular
latexThermCreate LaTeX Thermometers and Colored Needles
legendfunctionsLegend Creation Functions
list.treePretty-print the Structure of a Data Object
makeNstrcreates a string that is a repeat of a substring
mApplyApply a Function to Rows of a Matrix or Vector
mChoiceMethods for Storing and Analyzing Multiple Choice Variables
mdb.getRead Tables in a Microsoft Access Database
MergeMerge Multiple Data Frames or Data Tables
mgp.axisDraw Axes With Side-Specific mgp Parameters
minor.tickMinor Tick Marks
MiscMiscellaneous Functions
mtitleMargin Titles
multLinesPlot Multiple Lines
na.deleteRow-wise Deletion na.action
na.detail.responseDetailed Response Variable Information
na.keepDo-nothing na.action
ninFind Matching (or Non-Matching) Elements
nobsYCompute Number of Observations for Left Hand Side of Formula
nstrCreates a string of arbitry length
num.interceptsExtract number of intercepts
OverviewOverview of Hmisc Library
panel.bpplotBox-Percentile Panel Function for Trellis
partitionPatitions an object into different sets
pc1First Principal Component
plotCorrPrecisionPlot Precision of Estimate of Pearson Correlation Coefficient
plotlyMplotly Multiple
plsmoPlot smoothed estimates
popowerPower and Sample Size for Ordinal Response
print.char.listprints a list of lists in a visually readable format.
print.char.matrixFunction to print a matrix with stacked cells
prnzPrint and Object with its Name
prselectSelectively Print Lines of a Text Vector
pstampDate/Time/Directory Stamp the Current Plot
rcorrMatrix of Correlations and P-values
rcorr.censRank Correlation for Censored Data
rcorrp.censRank Correlation for Paired Predictors with a Possibly...
rcspline.evalRestricted Cubic Spline Design Matrix
rcspline.plotPlot Restricted Cubic Spline Function
rcspline.restateRe-state Restricted Cubic Spline Function
redunRedundancy Analysis
reShapeReshape Matrices and Serial Data
rlegendSpecial Version of legend for R
rm.bootBootstrap Repeated Measurements Model
rMultinomGenerate Multinomial Random Variables with Varying...
samplesize.binSample Size for 2-sample Binomial
sasxport.getEnhanced Importing of SAS Transport Files using read.xport
SaveFaciliate Use of save and load to Remote Directories
scat1dOne-Dimensional Scatter Diagram, Spike Histogram, or Density
score.binaryScore a Series of Binary Variables
seditCharacter String Editing and Miscellaneous Character Handling...
show.pchDisplay Colors, Plotting Symbols, and Symbol Numeric...
showPsfragDisplay image from psfrag LaTeX strings
simplifyDimsList Simplification
simRegOrdSimulate Power for Adjusted Ordinal Regression Two-Sample...
smean.sdCompute Summary Statistics on a Vector
solvetsolve Function with tol argument
somers2Somers' Dxy Rank Correlation
spowerSimulate Power of 2-Sample Test for Survival under Complex...
spss.getEnhanced Importing of SPSS Files
srcSource a File from the Current Working Directory
stata.getEnhanced Importing of STATA Files
stat_plsmoAdd a lowess smoother without counfidence bands.
string.bounding.boxDetermine Dimensions of Strings
string.break.lineBreak a String into Many Lines at Newlines
stringDimsString Dimentions
subplotEmbed a new plot within an existing plot
summarizeSummarize Scalars or Matrices by Cross-Classification
summary.formulaSummarize Data for Making Tables and Plots
summaryMSummarize Mixed Data Types vs. Groups
summaryPMulti-way Summary of Proportions
summaryRcGraphical Summarization of Continuous Variables Against a...
summarySSummarize Multiple Response Variables and Make Multipanel...
symbol.freqGraphic Representation of a Frequency Table
sysRun Unix or Dos Depending on System
tabulrInterface to Tabular Function
texfunction for use in graphs that are used with the psfrag...
transaceAdditive Regression and Transformations using ace or avas
transcanTransformations/Imputations using Canonical Variates
translateTranslate Vector or Matrix of Text Strings
trunc.POSIXtReturn the floor, ceiling, or rounded value of date or time...
t.test.clustert-test for Clustered Data
unitsUnits Attribute of a Vector
unix/sas.getConvert a SAS Dataset to an S Data Frame
upDataUpdate a Data Frame or Cleanup a Data Frame after Importing
upFirstChange First Letters to Upper Case
valueTagsStore Descriptive Information About an Object
varclusVariable Clustering
windows/sas.getConvert a SAS Dataset to an S Data Frame
wtd.statsWeighted Statistical Estimates
xtfrm.labelledAuxiliary Function Method for Sorting and Ranking
xy.groupMean x vs. function of y in groups of x
xYplotxyplot and dotplot with Matrix Variables to Plot Error Bars...
yearDaysGet Number of Days in Year or Month
ynbindCombine Variables in a Matrix
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