Man pages for MCI
Multiplicative Competitive Interaction (MCI) Model

DIY1Distance matrix for DIY stores
DIY2DIY store information
DIY3Data for origins (DIY store customers' places of residence)
Freiburg1Distance matrix for grocery stores in Freiburg
Freiburg2Statistical districts of Freiburg
Freiburg3Grocery stores in Freiburg
geomGeometric mean
grocery1Grocery store choices in Goettingen
grocery2Grocery store market areas in Goettingen
huff.attracLocal optimization of attraction values in the Huff Model
huff.decayDistance decay function in the Huff model
huff.fitFitting the Huff model using local optimization of...
huff.lambdaFitting the distance parameter lambda in the Huff model
huff.sharesHuff model market share/market area simulations
ijmatrix.createInteraction matrix with market shares
ijmatrix.crosstabConverting interaction matrix with market shares to...
ijmatrix.sharesMarket shares in interaction matrix
lm.betaBeta regression coefficients
mci.fitFitting the MCI model
MCI-packageMultiplicative Competitive Interaction (MCI) Model
mci.sharesMCI market share/market area simulations
mci.shares.elastMarket share elasticities
mci.transmatLog-centering transformation of an MCI interaction matrix
mci.transvarLog-centering transformation of one variable in an MCI...
model.fitGoodness of fit statistics for the Huff model
shares.segmSegmentation of market areas by a criterion
shares.totalTotal market shares/market areas
shopping1Point-of-sale survey in Karlsruhe
shopping2Distance matrix for the point-of-sale survey in Karlsruhe
shopping3Market area data for the point-of-sale survey in Karlsruhe
shopping4Grocery store data for the point-of-sale survey in Karlsruhe
var.asdummyCreating dummy variables
var.correctCorrecting MCI input variables
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