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A CBS object holds results from the Circular Binary Segmentation (CBS) method for one sample for one or more chromosomes.

Package: PSCBS
Class CBS


Directly known subclasses:

public abstract static class CBS
extends AbstractCBS





Arguments passed to the constructor of AbstractCBS.

Fields and Methods


as -
c Concatenates segmentation results.
estimateStandardDeviation Estimates the whole-genome standard deviation of the signals.
plotTracks Plots copy numbers along the genome.
pruneBySdUndo Prune the CBS profile by dropping change points that are too small.
segmentByCBS -
seqOfSegmentsByDP -
writeSegments Writes the table of segments to file.

Methods inherited from AbstractCBS:
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Difference to DNAcopy object

A CBS object is similar to DNAcopy objects with the major difference that a CBS object holds only one sample, whereas a DNAcopy object can hold more than one sample.

See also

The segmentByCBS() method returns an object of this class.


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