ProTrackR: Manipulate and Play 'ProTracker' Modules

'ProTracker' is a popular music tracker to sequence music on a Commodore Amiga machine. This package offers the opportunity to import, export, manipulate and play 'ProTracker' module files. Even though the file format could be considered archaic, it still remains popular to this date. This package intends to contribute to this popularity and therewith keeping the legacy of 'ProTracker' and the Commodore Amiga alive.

AuthorPepijn de Vries [aut, cre, dtc]
Date of publication2016-11-25 19:47:57
MaintainerPepijn de Vries <>

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Man pages

appendPattern: Append a PTPattern to a PTModule

as.character: Character representation of ProTrackR objects

as.raw: Extract and replace raw data

clearSamples: Clear all samples from module

clearSong: Clear all pattern info from module

deletePattern: Remove a PTPattern table from a PTModule object

effect: Extract or replace effect/trigger codes

fineTune: Fine tune a PTSample

fix.PTModule: Attempt to fix PTModule to ProTracker specs

funk_table: ProTracker Funk Table

loopLength: The loop length of a PTSample

loopSample: Looped waveform of a sample

loopStart: The loop start position of a PTSample

loopState: Get PTSample loop state

modArchive: ModArchive helper functions

mod.intro: Example of a PTModule object

modToWave: Convert a PTModule object into an audio Wave object

moduleSize: Get module file size

name: Obtain or replace the name of a PTModule or PTSample

note: Extract or replace a note

noteManipulation: Raise or lower notes and octaves

noteToPeriod: Extract period value for a specific note

nybble: Get the high or low nybble of a raw value

nybbleToSignedInt: Get signed integer values from nybbles

octave: Extract or replace an octave

pasteBlock: Paste a block of PTCell data into a PTPattern

patternLength: Get the number of PTPattern tables in a PTModule

patternOrder: Get the pattern order table

patternOrderLength: Get the length of the pattern order table

paula_clock: Paula clock table

period_table: ProTracker Period Table

periodToChar: Get the note and octave from period table

playingtable: Generate a table for playing a PTModule object

playMod: Play PTModule objects

playSample: Play audio samples

playWave: Play Wave objects

plot: Plot a PTModule object

print: Print ProTrackR objects

proTrackerVibrato: Get the vibrato table used by ProTracker

ProTrackR: Manipulate and play ProTracker Modules. A description of the...

PTBlock: Select and copy a range of PTCells into a PTBlock

PTCell-class: The PTCell class

PTCell-method: Coerce to or replace PTCell

PTModule-class: The PTModule class

PTPattern-class: The PTPattern class

PTPattern-method: Coerce to or replace PTPattern

PTSample-class: The PTSample class

PTSample-method: Coerce to or replace PTSample

PTTrack-class: The PTTrack class

PTTrack-method: Coerce to or replace PTTrack

rawToCharNull: Convert raw vectors into a character string

rawToSignedInt: Convert a raw vector into signed integers (short)

rawToUnsignedInt: Convert raw vector into a single unsigned integer value

read.module: Read a ProTracker module file

read.sample: Read an audio file and coerce to a PTSample object

resample: Resample data

sampleLength: Get the length of a PTSample

sampleNumber: Extract or replace a sample number

sampleRate: Calculate the sample rate for a note or period value

signedIntToNybble: Convert a signed integer to a nybble in raw data.

signedIntToRaw: Convert signed integers (short) into a raw vector

trackerFlag: Tracker flag indicating version compatibility

unsignedIntToRaw: Convert unsigned integer into a raw vector

volume: Default playback volume of PTSample

waveform: Extract or replace a PTSample waveform

write.module: Export an PTModule object as a ProTracker module file

write.sample: Write a PTSample object to an audio file


appendPattern Man page
appendPattern,PTModule,PTPattern-method Man page
as.character Man page
as.character,PTCell-method Man page
as.character,PTPattern-method Man page
as.character,PTTrack-method Man page
as.raw Man page
as.raw<- Man page
as.raw,PTCell-method Man page
as.raw<-,PTCell,raw-method Man page
as.raw<-,PTPattern,matrix-method Man page
as.raw,PTPattern-method Man page
as.raw<-,PTTrack,matrix-method Man page
as.raw,PTTrack-method Man page
clearSamples Man page
clearSamples,PTModule-method Man page
clearSong Man page
clearSong,PTModule-method Man page
deletePattern Man page
deletePattern,PTModule,numeric-method Man page
effect Man page
effect<- Man page
EffectCommands Man page
effect<-,PTCell,character-method Man page
effect,PTCell-method Man page
fineTune Man page
fineTune<- Man page
fineTune,PTSample-method Man page
fineTune<-,PTSample,numeric-method Man page
fix.PTModule Man page
fix.PTModule,PTModule,logical-method Man page
fix.PTModule,PTModule,missing-method Man page
funk_table Man page
hiNybble Man page
loNybble Man page
loopLength Man page
loopLength<- Man page
loopLength<-,PTSample-method Man page
loopLength,PTSample-method Man page
loopSample Man page
loopSample,PTSample-method Man page
loopStart Man page
loopStart<- Man page
loopStart<-,PTSample-method Man page
loopStart,PTSample-method Man page
loopState Man page
loopState,PTSample-method Man page
modArchive Man page Man page Man page
modArchive.max.requests Man page
modArchive.random.pick Man page
modArchive.request.count Man page Man page Man page Man page Man page Man page
mod.intro Man page
modToWave Man page
modToWave,PTModule-method Man page
moduleSize Man page
moduleSize,PTModule-method Man page
name Man page
name<- Man page
name<-,PTModule,character-method Man page
name,PTModule-method Man page
name<-,PTSample,character-method Man page
name,PTSample-method Man page
note Man page
note<- Man page
noteDown Man page
noteDown,PTCell-method Man page
noteDown,PTPattern-method Man page
noteDown,PTTrack-method Man page
note,numeric-method Man page
note<-,PTCell,character-method Man page
note,PTCell-method Man page
noteToPeriod Man page
noteToSampleRate Man page
noteUp Man page
noteUp,PTCell-method Man page
noteUp,PTPattern-method Man page
noteUp,PTTrack-method Man page
nybble Man page
nybbleToSignedInt Man page
octave Man page
octave<- Man page
octaveDown Man page
octaveDown,PTCell-method Man page
octaveDown,PTPattern-method Man page
octaveDown,PTTrack-method Man page
octave,numeric-method Man page
octave,PTCell-method Man page
octave<-,PTCell,numeric-method Man page
octaveUp Man page
octaveUp,PTCell-method Man page
octaveUp,PTPattern-method Man page
octaveUp,PTTrack-method Man page
pasteBlock Man page
pasteBlock,PTPattern,matrix,numeric,numeric-method Man page
patternLength Man page
patternLength,PTModule-method Man page
patternOrder Man page
patternOrder<- Man page
patternOrderLength Man page
patternOrderLength<- Man page
patternOrderLength,PTModule-method Man page
patternOrderLength<-,PTModule,numeric-method Man page
patternOrder<-,PTModule,ANY,numeric-method Man page
patternOrder,PTModule-method Man page
paula_clock Man page
period_table Man page
periodToChar Man page
periodToSampleRate Man page
playingtable Man page
playingtable,PTModule-method Man page
playMod Man page
playMod,PTModule-method Man page
playSample Man page
playSample,PTModule-method Man page
playSample,PTSample-method Man page
playWave Man page
playWave,Wave-method Man page
plot Man page
plot,PTModule,missing-method Man page
print Man page
print,PTCell-method Man page
print,PTModule-method Man page
print,PTPattern-method Man page
print,PTSample-method Man page
print,PTTrack-method Man page
proTrackerVibrato Man page
ProTrackR Man page
ProTrackR-package Man page
PTBlock Man page
PTBlock,PTPattern,numeric,numeric-method Man page
PTCell Man page
PTCell<- Man page
PTCell,character,missing,missing,missing-method Man page
PTCell-class Man page
PTCell-method Man page
PTCell,PTModule,numeric,numeric,numeric-method Man page
PTCell<-,PTModule,numeric,numeric,numeric,PTCell-method Man page
PTCell,PTPattern,numeric,numeric,missing-method Man page
PTCell<-,PTPattern,numeric,numeric,missing,PTCell-method Man page
PTCell<-,PTTrack,numeric,missing,missing-method Man page
PTCell,PTTrack,numeric,missing,missing-method Man page
PTCell<-,PTTrack,numeric,missing,missing,PTCell-method Man page
PTCell,raw,missing,missing,missing-method Man page
PTModule Man page
PTModule-class Man page
PTPattern Man page
PTPattern<- Man page
PTPattern-class Man page
PTPattern,matrix,missing-method Man page
PTPattern-method Man page
PTPattern,PTModule,numeric-method Man page
PTPattern<-,PTModule,numeric,PTPattern-method Man page
PTPattern,raw,missing-method Man page
PTSample Man page
PTSample<- Man page
PTSample-class Man page
PTSample-method Man page
PTSample,PTModule,numeric-method Man page
PTSample<-,PTModule,numeric,PTSample-method Man page
PTSample,raw,missing-method Man page
PTSample,Wave,missing-method Man page
PTTrack Man page
PTTrack<- Man page
PTTrack,character,missing,missing-method Man page
PTTrack-class Man page
PTTrack,matrix,missing,missing-method Man page
PTTrack-method Man page
PTTrack,numeric,missing-method Man page
PTTrack<-,numeric,missing,PTTrack-method Man page
PTTrack,PTModule,numeric,numeric-method Man page
PTTrack<-,PTModule,numeric,numeric,PTTrack-method Man page
PTTrack,PTPattern,numeric,missing-method Man page
PTTrack<-,PTPattern,numeric,missing,PTTrack-method Man page
PTTrack,raw,missing,missing-method Man page
rawToCharNull Man page
rawToSignedInt Man page
rawToUnsignedInt Man page
read.module Man page
read.module,ANY,logical-method Man page
read.module,ANY,missing-method Man page
read.module,character,logical-method Man page
read.module,character,missing-method Man page
read.sample Man page
read.sample,character-method Man page
resample Man page
sampleLength Man page
sampleLength,PTSample-method Man page
sampleNumber Man page
sampleNumber<- Man page
sampleNumber,PTCell-method Man page
sampleNumber<-,PTCell,numeric-method Man page
sampleRate Man page
signedIntToNybble Man page
signedIntToRaw Man page
trackerFlag Man page
trackerFlag<- Man page
trackerFlag<-,PTModule-method Man page
trackerFlag,PTModule-method Man page
unsignedIntToRaw Man page
volume Man page
volume<- Man page
volume,PTSample-method Man page
volume<-,PTSample,numeric-method Man page
waveform Man page
waveform<- Man page
waveform<-,PTSample-method Man page
waveform,PTSample-method Man page
write.module Man page
write.module,PTModule,ANY-method Man page
write.module,PTModule,character-method Man page
write.sample Man page
write.sample,PTSample,character-method Man page


ProTrackR/man/appendPattern.Rd ProTrackR/man/clearSong.Rd ProTrackR/man/PTSample-method.Rd
ProTrackR/man/unsignedIntToRaw.Rd ProTrackR/man/read.sample.Rd ProTrackR/man/patternLength.Rd ProTrackR/man/funk_table.Rd ProTrackR/man/sampleLength.Rd ProTrackR/man/nybbleToSignedInt.Rd ProTrackR/man/loopLength.Rd ProTrackR/man/PTTrack-class.Rd ProTrackR/man/modArchive.Rd ProTrackR/man/patternOrderLength.Rd ProTrackR/man/PTCell-class.Rd ProTrackR/man/clearSamples.Rd ProTrackR/man/noteToPeriod.Rd ProTrackR/man/as.character.Rd ProTrackR/man/loopStart.Rd ProTrackR/man/PTPattern-class.Rd ProTrackR/man/rawToUnsignedInt.Rd ProTrackR/man/waveform.Rd ProTrackR/man/sampleRate.Rd ProTrackR/man/rawToSignedInt.Rd ProTrackR/man/playWave.Rd ProTrackR/man/noteManipulation.Rd ProTrackR/man/PTModule-class.Rd ProTrackR/man/periodToChar.Rd ProTrackR/man/deletePattern.Rd ProTrackR/man/fineTune.Rd ProTrackR/man/moduleSize.Rd ProTrackR/man/read.module.Rd ProTrackR/man/as.raw.Rd ProTrackR/man/resample.Rd ProTrackR/man/playMod.Rd ProTrackR/man/paula_clock.Rd ProTrackR/man/name.Rd ProTrackR/man/sampleNumber.Rd ProTrackR/man/PTCell-method.Rd ProTrackR/man/octave.Rd ProTrackR/man/mod.intro.Rd ProTrackR/man/PTBlock.Rd ProTrackR/man/modToWave.Rd ProTrackR/man/fix.PTModule.Rd ProTrackR/man/playSample.Rd ProTrackR/man/playingtable.Rd ProTrackR/man/signedIntToNybble.Rd ProTrackR/man/proTrackerVibrato.Rd ProTrackR/man/patternOrder.Rd ProTrackR/man/loopSample.Rd ProTrackR/man/period_table.Rd ProTrackR/man/PTPattern-method.Rd ProTrackR/man/trackerFlag.Rd ProTrackR/man/loopState.Rd ProTrackR/man/nybble.Rd ProTrackR/man/PTTrack-method.Rd ProTrackR/man/volume.Rd ProTrackR/man/print.Rd ProTrackR/man/PTSample-class.Rd ProTrackR/man/write.module.Rd ProTrackR/man/plot.Rd ProTrackR/man/ProTrackR.Rd ProTrackR/man/pasteBlock.Rd ProTrackR/man/signedIntToRaw.Rd ProTrackR/man/write.sample.Rd ProTrackR/man/effect.Rd ProTrackR/man/rawToCharNull.Rd ProTrackR/man/note.Rd

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