Man pages for ProTrackR
Manipulate and Play 'ProTracker' Modules

appendPatternAppend a PTPattern to a PTModule
as.characterCharacter representation of ProTrackR objects
as.rawExtract and replace raw data
clearSamplesClear all samples from module
clearSongClear all pattern info from module
deletePatternRemove a PTPattern table from a PTModule object
effectExtract or replace effect/trigger codes
fineTuneFine tune a PTSample
fix.PTModuleAttempt to fix PTModule to ProTracker specs
funk_tableProTracker Funk Table
loopLengthThe loop length of a PTSample
loopSampleLooped waveform of a sample
loopStartThe loop start position of a PTSample
loopStateGet PTSample loop state
modArchiveModArchive helper functions
mod.introExample of a PTModule object
modLandModLand helper functions
MODPlugToPTPatternConvert MODPlug pattern into a PTPattern object
modToWaveConvert a PTModule object into an audio Wave object
moduleSizeGet module file size
nameObtain or replace the name of a PTModule or PTSample
noteExtract or replace a note
noteManipulationRaise or lower notes and octaves
noteToPeriodExtract period value for a specific note
nybbleGet the high or low nybble of a raw value
nybbleToSignedIntGet signed integer values from nybbles
octaveExtract or replace an octave
pasteBlockPaste a block of PTCell data into a PTPattern
patternLengthGet the number of PTPattern tables in a PTModule
patternOrderGet the pattern order table
patternOrderLengthGet the length of the pattern order table
paula_clockPaula clock table
period_tableProTracker Period Table
periodToCharGet the note and octave from period table
playingtableGenerate a table for playing a PTModule object
playModPlay PTModule objects
playSamplePlay audio samples
playWavePlay Wave objects
plotPlot a PTModule object
printPrint ProTrackR objects
proTrackerVibratoGet the vibrato table used by ProTracker
ProTrackRManipulate and play ProTracker Modules. A description of the...
PTBlockSelect and copy a range of PTCells into a PTBlock
PTCell-classThe PTCell class
PTCell-methodCoerce to or replace PTCell
PTModule-classThe PTModule class
PTPattern-classThe PTPattern class
PTPattern-methodCoerce to or replace PTPattern
PTPatternToMODPlugConvert PTPattern data into a MODPlug pattern
PTSample-classThe PTSample class
PTSample-methodCoerce to or replace PTSample
PTTrack-classThe PTTrack class
PTTrack-methodCoerce to or replace PTTrack
rawToCharNullConvert raw vectors into a character string
rawToPTModuleConvert a vector of raw data into a PTModule object
rawToSignedIntConvert a raw vector into signed integers (short)
rawToUnsignedIntConvert raw vector into a single unsigned integer value
read.moduleRead a ProTracker module file
read.sampleRead an audio file and coerce to a PTSample object
resampleResample data
sampleLengthGet the length of a PTSample
sampleNumberExtract or replace a sample number
sampleRateCalculate the sample rate for a note or period value
signedIntToNybbleConvert a signed integer to a nybble in raw data.
signedIntToRawConvert signed integers (short) into a raw vector
trackerFlagTracker flag indicating version compatibility
unsignedIntToRawConvert unsigned integer into a raw vector
volumeDefault playback volume of PTSample
waveformExtract or replace a PTSample waveform
write.moduleExport an PTModule object as a ProTracker module file
write.sampleWrite a PTSample object to an audio file
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