Defines functions .onAttach

# Note: the following function (with contributions from Richard Heiberger and Milan Bouchet-Valat) 
# can be included in any Rcmdr plug-in package to cause the package to load
# the Rcmdr if it is not already loaded

.onAttach <- function(libname, pkgname){
    if (!interactive()) return()
    putRcmdr("slider.env", new.env())    
    Rcmdr <- options()$Rcmdr
    plugins <- Rcmdr$plugins
    if (!pkgname %in% plugins) {
        Rcmdr$plugins <- c(plugins, pkgname)
        if("package:Rcmdr" %in% search()) {
            if(!getRcmdr("autoRestart")) {
                closeCommander(ask=FALSE, ask.save=TRUE)
        else {

# created 2012-08-28 by J. Fox

if (getRversion() >= '2.15.1') globalVariables(c('top', 'buttonsFrame', 'slider.env','dataCovid',

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