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#' Generate coordinates for a circle
#' Given x,y coordinates and a radius, this function
#' generates points on the circumference of the circle.
#' This function is used by plot_network to plot cape
#' results in a circular layout.
#' @param radius A numeric value giving the radius of the
#' circle
#' @param center_x The x coordinate for the center of the circle
#' @param center_y The y coordinate for the center of the circle
#' @param dens A numeric value controlling how many points are returned.
#' Smaller values will return more points along the circumference of the
#' circle
#' @return This function returns a list with two elements x and y.
#' These are the x and y coordinates of the circle. Plotted against
#' each other they will plot a circle.
#' @keywords internal

get_circle <- function(radius, center_x = 1, center_y = 1, dens = 0.0005){
  t <- seq(0,2*pi, dens)	
  x <- radius*cos(t)+center_x
  y <- radius*sin(t)+center_y
  result <- list(x,y); names(result) <- c("x", "y")

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