Man pages for cghseg
Segmentation Methods for Array CGH Analysis

alphaReplace slot alpha
betaReplace slot beta
callingReplace slot calling
CGHdata-classClass "CGHdata"
CGHoptions-classClass "CGHoptions"
CGHresults-classClass "CGHresults"
GCnormReplace slot GCnorm
getbpBreakpoints frequencies
getlevelsLevels frequency
getmultiKmaxDetermining the maximum number of segments for joint...
getuniKmaxMaximum number of segments per profile
itermaxReplace slot itermax
multisegJoint segmentation of multiple CGH profiles
nblevelsReplace slot nblevels
nbprocsReplace slot nbprocs
selectReplace slot select
unisegSegmentation of univariate CGH profiles
wavenormReplace slot wavenorm
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