cna-internals: Internal functions in the cna package

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Internal functions in the cna package


These functions are mainly for internal purposes and will not normally be called directly by the user.

Overview of Functions

noblanks, lhs, rhs, extract_asf:

Manipulation of character vectors containing conditions.


Alternative internal represenation of a configTable.

qcond_bool, qcond_asf, qcond_csf:

Fast evaluation of certain aspects of the well-formedness of conditions.

getCondType, getComplexity:

Extract condition type and complexity values from a character vector containing conditions.


Convert an “fs” configTable to “cs”.

stdCond, matchCond:

Standardize and match conditions.

relist1, hstrsplit, C_mconcat, C_recCharList2char, C_relist_Int:

Utility functions for conversion between different represenations of conditions.


Internal version of the test for structural redundancy (used in redundant).


Derive a condition from a data set.


Internal core of the function is.submodel.

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