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Data on high percentage of women's representation in parliaments of western countries


This dataset is from Krook (2010), who analyzes the causal conditions for high women's representation in western-democratic parliaments.




The data frame contains 22 rows (cases) and the following 6 columns featuring Boolean factors taking values 1 and 0 only:

[ , 1] ES existence of a PR electoral system
[ , 2] QU existence of quotas for women
[ , 3] WS existence of social-democratic welfare system
[ , 4] WM existence of autonomous women's movement
[ , 5] LP strong left parties
[ , 6] WNP high women's representation in parliament


Krook, Mona Lena. 2010. “Women's Representation in Parliament: A Qualitative Comparative Analysis.” Political Studies 58 (5):886-908.

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