d.pacts: Data on the emergence of labor agreements in new democracies...

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Data on the emergence of labor agreements in new democracies between 1994 and 2004


This dataset is from Aleman (2009), who analyzes the causes of the emergence of tripartite labor agreements among unions, employers, and government representatives in new democracies in Europe, Latin America, Africa, and Asia between 1994 and 2004.




The data frame contains 78 rows (cases) and the following 5 columns listing membership scores in 5 fuzzy sets:

[ , 1] PACT development of tripartite cooperation (ultimate outcome)
[ , 2] W regulation of the wage setting process
[ , 3] E regulation of the employment process
[ , 4] L presence of a left government
[ , 5] P presence of an encompassing labor organization (labor power)


Thiem, Alrik: collection, documentation


Aleman, Jose. 2009. “The Politics of Tripartite Cooperation in New Democracies: A Multi-level Analysis.” International Political Science Review 30 (2):141-162.

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