d.minaret: Data on the voting outcome of the 2009 Swiss Minaret...

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Data on the voting outcome of the 2009 Swiss Minaret Initiative


This dataset is from Baumgartner and Epple (2014), who analyze the determinants of the outcome of the vote on the 2009 Swiss Minaret Initative.




The data frame contains 26 rows (cases) and the following 6 columns featuring raw data:

[ , 1] A rate of old xenophobia
[ , 2] L left party strength
[ , 3] S share of native speakers of Serbian, Croatian, or Albanian
[ , 4] T strength of traditional economic sector
[ , 5] X rate of new xenophobia
[ , 6] M acceptance of Minaret Initiative


Ruedi Epple: collection, documentation


Baumgartner, Michael, and Ruedi Epple. 2014. “A Coincidence Analysis of a Causal Chain: The Swiss Minaret Vote.” Sociological Methods & Research 43 (2):280-312.

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