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Data on the impact of development interventions on water adequacy in Nepal


This dataset is from Lam and Ostrom (2010), who analyze the effects of an irrigation experiment in Nepal.




The dataset contains 15 rows (cases) and the following 6 columns featuring Boolean factors taking values 1 and 0 only:

[ , 1] A continual assistance on infrastructure improvement
[ , 2] R existence of a set of formal rules for irrigation operation and maintenance
[ , 3] F existence of provisions of fines
[ , 4] L existence of consistent leadership
[ , 5] C existence of collective action among farmers for system maintenance
[ , 6] W persistent improvement in water adequacy at the tail end in winter


Lam, Wai Fung, and Elinor Ostrom. 2010. “Analyzing the Dynamic Complexity of Development Interventions: Lessons from an Irrigation Experiment in Nepal.” Policy Sciences 43 (2):1-25.

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