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Data on combinations of industry, corporate, and business-unit effects


This dataset is from Greckhammer et al. (2008), who analyze the causal conditions for superior (above average) business-unit performance of corporations in the manufacturing sector during the years 1995 to 1998.




The data frame contains 214 rows featuring configurations, one column reporting the frequencies of each configuration, and 8 columns listing the following Boolean factors:

[ , 1] MU above average industry munificence
[ , 2] DY high industry dynamism
[ , 3] CO high industry competitiveness
[ , 4] DIV high corporate diversification
[ , 5] CRA above median corporate resource availability
[ , 6] CI above median corporate capital intensity
[ , 7] BUS large business-unit size
[ , 8] SP above average business-unit performance (in the manufacturing sector)


Greckhamer, Thomas, Vilmos F. Misangyi, Heather Elms, and Rodney Lacey. 2008. “Using Qualitative Comparative Analysis in Strategic Management Research: An Examination of Combinations of Industry, Corporate, and Business-Unit Effects.” Organizational Research Methods 11 (4):695-726.

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