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Build Graphs for Landscape Genetics Analysis

add_nodes_attrAdd attributes to the nodes of a graph
check_mergeCheck whether the option 'nomerge' was used when building the...
compar_r_fisherCompare two correlation coefficients obtained from different...
compute_graph_modulCompute modules from a graph by maximising modularity
compute_node_metricCompute graph-theoretic metrics from a graph at the node...
convert_cdFit a model to convert cost-distances into Euclidean...
data_ex_geninddata_ex_genind genetic dataset
data_ex_gstuddata_ex_gstud genetic dataset
data_ex_locidata_ex_loci genetic dataset
data_simul_geninddata_simul_genind genetic dataset
data_tutodata_tuto : data used to generate the vignette
deg2radConvert degrees to radians
df_to_pw_matConvert an edge-list data.frame into a pairwise matrix
dist_gc_hvsCalculate the Great-Circle distance between two points using...
dist_gc_slcCalculate the Great-Circle distance between two points using...
dist_gc_vicentyCalculate the Great-Circle distance between two points using...
dist_great_circleCompute the Great Circle distance between two points
dist_max_corrCompute the distance at which the correlation between genetic...
genepop_to_genindConvert a GENEPOP file into a genind object
gen_graph_indepCreate an independence graph of genetic differentiation from...
gen_graph_thrCreate a graph of genetic differentiation using a link weight...
gen_graph_topoCreate a graph of genetic differentiation with a specific...
genind_to_genepopConvert a genind object into a GENEPOP file
genind_to_structureConvert a genind object into a STRUCTURE file
get_graphabDownload Graphab if not present on the user's machine
get_graphab_linksetGet linkset computed in the Graphab project
get_graphab_linkset_costGet cost values associated with a linkset in a Graphab...
get_graphab_metricGet metrics computed at the node in the Graphab project
get_graphab_raster_codesGet unique raster codes from a Graphab project
gini_coeffCompute Gini coefficient from a numeric vector
g_percolPrune a graph using the 'percolation threshold' method
graphab_capacityComputes custom capacities of patches in the Graphab project
graphab_corridorComputes corridors from least-cost paths already computed in...
graphab_graphCreate a graph in the Graphab project
graphab_interpolCreates a raster with interpolated connectivity metric values...
graphab_linkCreate a link set in the Graphab project
graphab_metricCompute connectivity metrics from a graph in the Graphab...
graphab_modulCreate modules from a graph in the Graphab project
graphab_pointsetAdd a point set to the Graphab project
graphab_projectCreate a Graphab project
graphab_project_descDescribe the objects of a Graphab project
graphab_to_igraphCreate landscape graphs from Graphab link set
graph_modul_comparCompare the partition into modules of two graphs
graph_node_comparCompare the local properties of the nodes from two graphs
graph_planCreate a graph with a minimum planar graph topology
graph_plot_comparVisualize the topological differences between two spatial...
graph_to_dfConvert a graph into a edge list data.frame
graph_topo_comparCompute an index comparing graph topologies
graph_to_shpExport a spatial graph to shapefile layers
gstud_to_genindConvert a file from 'gstudio' or 'popgraph' into a genind...
harm_meanCompute the harmonic mean of a numeric vector
kernel_paramCompute dispersal kernel parameters
link_comparCompare two link sets created in a Graphab project
loci_to_genindConvert a loci object into a genind object
mat_cost_distCompute cost distances between points on a raster
mat_gen_distCompute a pairwise matrix of genetic distances between...
mat_geo_distCompute Euclidean geographic distances between points
mat_pw_dpsCompute a pairwise genetic distance matrix between...
mat_pw_fstCompute a pairwise FST matrix between populations
mypaletteVector of custom colors
patch_areasExtract patch areas from a categorical raster
plot_graph_lgPlot graphs
plot_w_histPlot histograms of link weights
pop_gen_indexCompute population-level genetic indices
pop_rare_gen_indexCompute population-level rarefied genetic indices with ADZE...
pts_pop_expts_pop_ex : details on simulated populations
pts_pop_simulpts_pop_simul : details on simulated populations
pw_mat_to_dfConvert a pairwise matrix into an edge-list data.frame
reorder_matReorder the rows and columns of a symmetric matrix
sample_rasterSample points or patches on a categorical raster layer
sc01Scaling function
scatter_distPlot scatterplots of genetic distance vs landscape distance
scatter_dist_gPlot scatterplots of distances to visualize the graph pruning...
structure_to_genindConvert a file in STRUCTURE format into a genind object
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