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Summary of IDEMDATA object


Summarize the missing data information for class IDEMDATA objects generated by imData.


## S3 method for class 'IDEMDATA'
summary(object, opt = c("misstable", "missid", "trt"), endponly = FALSE, ...)



A class IDEMDATA object returned by imData


Types of the summarization

  • misstable: Summarize the frequencies of each missing pattern

  • missid: Summarize the indices of subjects that need imputation, i.e. survivors with functional endpoint missing

  • trt: Treatment arms


Logical variable that indicates whether clinical outcomes not used in calculating the functional outcome are considered as missing and should be imputed. The default is FALSE, indicating that all missing clinical outcomes will be imputed sequentially


Extra arguments


A dataframe with frequencies of each missing pattern when opt is misstable.

A vector of indices of subjects that need imputation when opt is missid.

A vector of treatment arms in the data when opt is trt.

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