iemisc: Irucka Embry's Miscellaneous Functions

A collection of Irucka Embry's miscellaneous functions (Engineering Economics, Civil & Environmental/Water Resources Engineering, Geometry, Statistics, GNU Octave length functions, Trigonometric functions in degrees, etc.).

AuthorIrucka Embry [aut, cre], Felix Andrews [aut, ctb] (zoo), Hans Werner Borchers [aut, ctb] (pracma), Samit Basu [aut, ctb] (FreeMat)
Date of publication2016-10-17 11:09:30
MaintainerIrucka Embry <>
LicenseGPL (>= 3)

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Man pages

acosd: Inverse cosine (in degrees) [GNU Octave/MATLAB compatible]

acotd: Inverse cotangent (in degrees) [GNU Octave/MATLAB compatible]

acscd: Inverse cosecant (in degrees) [GNU Octave/MATLAB compatible]

AgivenF: Annual value given Future value (Engineering Economics)

AgivenFcont: Annual value given Future value [continuous] (Engineering...

AgivenG: Annual value given Gradient value (Engineering Economics)

AgivenP: Annual value given Present value (Engineering Economics)

AgivenPcont: Annual value given Present value [continuous] (Engineering...

approxerror: Approximate error

asecd: Inverse secant (in degrees) [GNU Octave/MATLAB compatible]

asind: Inverse sine (in degrees) [GNU Octave/MATLAB compatible]

atan2d: "Two-argument arc-tangent" (in degrees) [GNU Octave/MATLAB...

atand: Inverse tangent (in degrees) [GNU Octave/MATLAB compatible]

benefitcost: Benefit-Cost Ratio (Engineering Economics)

CompIntPaid: Compound Interest Paid (Engineering Economics)

concr_mix_normal_strength: Concrete Mix Design for Normal Strength Concrete

cosd: Cosine (in degrees) [GNU Octave/MATLAB compatible]

cotd: Cotangent (in degrees) [GNU Octave/MATLAB compatible]

cscd: Cosecant (in degrees) [GNU Octave/MATLAB compatible]

cv: Coefficient of variation (CV)

EffInt: Effective Interest rate (Engineering Economics)

FgivenA: Future value given Annual value (Engineering Economics)

FgivenAcont: Future value given Annual value [continuous] (Engineering...

FgivenP: Future value given Present value (Engineering Economics)

FgivenPcont: Future value given Present value [continuous] (Engineering...

iemisc: iemisc: Irucka Embry's miscellaneous functions

igivenPFn: Interest rate given Future value, Number of periods, and...

length_octave: Length of R objects (GNU Octave/MATLAB compatible)

Manningcirc: Circular cross-section using the Gauckler-Manning-Strickler...

Manningpara: Parabolic cross-section for the Gauckler-Manning-Strickler...

Manningrect: Rectangular cross-section for the Gauckler-Manning-Strickler...

Manningtrap: Trapezoidal cross-section for the Gauckler-Manning-Strickler...

Manningtri: Triangular cross-section for the Gauckler-Manning-Strickler...

n: Manning's n for natural channels

na.interp1: na.interp1

nc1: Horton method for composite Manning's n

nc2: Einstein and Banks method for composite Manning's n

nc3: Lotter method for composite Manning's n

nc4: Krishnamurthy and Christensen method for composite Manning's...

ngivenPFi: To Find i Given F, n, and P (Engineering Economics)

numel: Number of elements (GNU Octave/MATLAB compatible)

PgivenA: Present value given Annual value (Engineering Economics)

PgivenA1: Present value for geometric gradient series (Engineering...

PgivenAcont: Present value given Annual value [continuous] (Engineering...

PgivenF: Present value given Future value (Engineering Economics)

PgivenFcont: Present value given Future value [continuous] (Engineering...

PgivenFivary: "Present equivalent of a series of future cash flows subject...

PgivenG: Present value given Gradient value (Engineering Economics)

ranges: Sample range

relerror: Relative error

righttri: Right triangle calculations

rms: Root-mean-square

secd: Secant (in degrees) [GNU Octave/MATLAB compatible]

sgm: Geometric mean

shm: Harmonic mean

SimpIntPaid: Simple Interest Paid (Engineering Economics)

sind: Sine (in degrees) [GNU Octave/MATLAB compatible]

size: Size of R objects (GNU Octave/MATLAB compatible)

tand: Tangent (in degrees) [GNU Octave/MATLAB compatible]

volsphere: Sphere volume

Files in this package

iemisc/R/PgivenF.R iemisc/R/PgivenA1.R iemisc/R/Manningtrap.R iemisc/R/size.R iemisc/R/AgivenP.R iemisc/R/cv.R iemisc/R/FgivenP.R iemisc/R/rms.R iemisc/R/EffInt.R iemisc/R/righttri.R iemisc/R/Manningpara.R iemisc/R/volsphere.R iemisc/R/iemisc.R iemisc/R/Manningcirc.R iemisc/R/cosd.R iemisc/R/PgivenG.R iemisc/R/ngivenPFi.R iemisc/R/AgivenFcont.R iemisc/R/concr_mix_normal_strength.R iemisc/R/nc.R iemisc/R/relerror.R iemisc/R/na.interp1.R iemisc/R/PgivenA.R iemisc/R/FgivenA.R iemisc/R/AgivenF.R iemisc/R/PgivenFivary.R iemisc/R/shm.R iemisc/R/Manningrect.R iemisc/R/ranges.R iemisc/R/Manningtri.R iemisc/R/benefitcost.R iemisc/R/igivenPFn.R iemisc/R/SimpIntPaid.R
iemisc/man/Manningtri.Rd iemisc/man/PgivenG.Rd iemisc/man/cotd.Rd iemisc/man/n.Rd iemisc/man/Manningcirc.Rd iemisc/man/length_octave.Rd iemisc/man/igivenPFn.Rd iemisc/man/cv.Rd iemisc/man/asecd.Rd iemisc/man/ranges.Rd iemisc/man/FgivenA.Rd iemisc/man/AgivenG.Rd iemisc/man/atan2d.Rd iemisc/man/relerror.Rd iemisc/man/CompIntPaid.Rd iemisc/man/secd.Rd iemisc/man/PgivenA.Rd iemisc/man/acscd.Rd iemisc/man/PgivenFcont.Rd iemisc/man/acosd.Rd iemisc/man/Manningpara.Rd iemisc/man/FgivenP.Rd iemisc/man/numel.Rd iemisc/man/PgivenF.Rd iemisc/man/SimpIntPaid.Rd iemisc/man/atand.Rd iemisc/man/AgivenP.Rd iemisc/man/PgivenA1.Rd iemisc/man/asind.Rd iemisc/man/concr_mix_normal_strength.Rd iemisc/man/Manningtrap.Rd iemisc/man/FgivenPcont.Rd iemisc/man/volsphere.Rd iemisc/man/cosd.Rd iemisc/man/PgivenFivary.Rd iemisc/man/size.Rd iemisc/man/rms.Rd iemisc/man/shm.Rd iemisc/man/AgivenF.Rd iemisc/man/benefitcost.Rd iemisc/man/PgivenAcont.Rd iemisc/man/righttri.Rd iemisc/man/nc3.Rd iemisc/man/EffInt.Rd iemisc/man/iemisc.Rd iemisc/man/tand.Rd iemisc/man/acotd.Rd iemisc/man/AgivenFcont.Rd iemisc/man/na.interp1.Rd iemisc/man/nc1.Rd iemisc/man/nc2.Rd iemisc/man/sind.Rd iemisc/man/approxerror.Rd iemisc/man/Manningrect.Rd iemisc/man/sgm.Rd iemisc/man/FgivenAcont.Rd iemisc/man/nc4.Rd iemisc/man/cscd.Rd iemisc/man/ngivenPFi.Rd iemisc/man/AgivenPcont.Rd

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