iemisc: Irucka Embry's Miscellaneous Functions

A collection of Irucka Embry's miscellaneous functions (Engineering Economics, Civil & Environmental/Water Resources Engineering, Geometry, Statistics, GNU Octave length functions, Trigonometric functions in degrees, etc.).

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AuthorIrucka Embry [aut, cre], Felix Andrews [aut, ctb] (zoo), Hans Werner Borchers [aut, ctb] (pracma), Samit Basu [aut, ctb] (FreeMat)
Date of publication2016-10-17 11:09:30
MaintainerIrucka Embry <>
LicenseGPL (>= 3)

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Man pages

acosd: Inverse cosine (in degrees) [GNU Octave/MATLAB compatible]

acotd: Inverse cotangent (in degrees) [GNU Octave/MATLAB compatible]

acscd: Inverse cosecant (in degrees) [GNU Octave/MATLAB compatible]

AgivenF: Annual value given Future value (Engineering Economics)

AgivenFcont: Annual value given Future value [continuous] (Engineering...

AgivenG: Annual value given Gradient value (Engineering Economics)

AgivenP: Annual value given Present value (Engineering Economics)

AgivenPcont: Annual value given Present value [continuous] (Engineering...

approxerror: Approximate error

asecd: Inverse secant (in degrees) [GNU Octave/MATLAB compatible]

asind: Inverse sine (in degrees) [GNU Octave/MATLAB compatible]

atan2d: "Two-argument arc-tangent" (in degrees) [GNU Octave/MATLAB...

atand: Inverse tangent (in degrees) [GNU Octave/MATLAB compatible]

benefitcost: Benefit-Cost Ratio (Engineering Economics)

CompIntPaid: Compound Interest Paid (Engineering Economics)

concr_mix_normal_strength: Concrete Mix Design for Normal Strength Concrete

cosd: Cosine (in degrees) [GNU Octave/MATLAB compatible]

cotd: Cotangent (in degrees) [GNU Octave/MATLAB compatible]

cscd: Cosecant (in degrees) [GNU Octave/MATLAB compatible]

cv: Coefficient of variation (CV)

EffInt: Effective Interest rate (Engineering Economics)

FgivenA: Future value given Annual value (Engineering Economics)

FgivenAcont: Future value given Annual value [continuous] (Engineering...

FgivenP: Future value given Present value (Engineering Economics)

FgivenPcont: Future value given Present value [continuous] (Engineering...

iemisc: iemisc: Irucka Embry's miscellaneous functions

igivenPFn: Interest rate given Future value, Number of periods, and...

length_octave: Length of R objects (GNU Octave/MATLAB compatible)

Manningcirc: Circular cross-section using the Gauckler-Manning-Strickler...

Manningpara: Parabolic cross-section for the Gauckler-Manning-Strickler...

Manningrect: Rectangular cross-section for the Gauckler-Manning-Strickler...

Manningtrap: Trapezoidal cross-section for the Gauckler-Manning-Strickler...

Manningtri: Triangular cross-section for the Gauckler-Manning-Strickler...

n: Manning's n for natural channels

na.interp1: na.interp1

nc1: Horton method for composite Manning's n

nc2: Einstein and Banks method for composite Manning's n

nc3: Lotter method for composite Manning's n

nc4: Krishnamurthy and Christensen method for composite Manning's...

ngivenPFi: To Find i Given F, n, and P (Engineering Economics)

numel: Number of elements (GNU Octave/MATLAB compatible)

PgivenA: Present value given Annual value (Engineering Economics)

PgivenA1: Present value for geometric gradient series (Engineering...

PgivenAcont: Present value given Annual value [continuous] (Engineering...

PgivenF: Present value given Future value (Engineering Economics)

PgivenFcont: Present value given Future value [continuous] (Engineering...

PgivenFivary: "Present equivalent of a series of future cash flows subject...

PgivenG: Present value given Gradient value (Engineering Economics)

ranges: Sample range

relerror: Relative error

righttri: Right triangle calculations

rms: Root-mean-square

secd: Secant (in degrees) [GNU Octave/MATLAB compatible]

sgm: Geometric mean

shm: Harmonic mean

SimpIntPaid: Simple Interest Paid (Engineering Economics)

sind: Sine (in degrees) [GNU Octave/MATLAB compatible]

size: Size of R objects (GNU Octave/MATLAB compatible)

tand: Tangent (in degrees) [GNU Octave/MATLAB compatible]

volsphere: Sphere volume


acosd Man page
acotd Man page
acscd Man page
AF Man page
AgivenF Man page
AgivenFcont Man page
AgivenG Man page
AgivenP Man page
AgivenPcont Man page
AP Man page
approxerror Man page
asecd Man page
asind Man page
atan2d Man page
atand Man page
benefitcost Man page
CompIntPaid Man page
concr_mix_normal_strength Man page
cosd Man page
cotd Man page
cscd Man page
cv Man page
EffInt Man page
FA Man page
FgivenA Man page
FgivenAcont Man page
FgivenP Man page
FgivenPcont Man page
FP Man page
iemisc Man page
iemisc-package Man page
igivenPFn Man page
length_octave Man page
Manningcirc Man page
Manningcircy Man page
Manningpara Man page
Manningrect Man page
Manningtrap Man page
Manningtri Man page
n Man page
na.interp1 Man page
nc1 Man page
nc2 Man page
nc3 Man page
nc4 Man page
ngivenPFi Man page
numel Man page
PA Man page
PF Man page
PgivenA Man page
PgivenA1 Man page
PgivenAcont Man page
PgivenF Man page
PgivenFcont Man page
PgivenFivary Man page
PgivenG Man page
ranges Man page
relerror Man page
righttri Man page
rms Man page
secd Man page
sgm Man page
shm Man page
SimpIntPaid Man page
sind Man page
size Man page
tand Man page
volsphere Man page


R/PgivenF.R R/PgivenA1.R R/Manningtrap.R R/size.R R/AgivenP.R R/cv.R R/FgivenP.R R/rms.R R/EffInt.R R/righttri.R R/Manningpara.R R/volsphere.R R/iemisc.R R/Manningcirc.R R/cosd.R R/PgivenG.R R/ngivenPFi.R R/AgivenFcont.R R/concr_mix_normal_strength.R R/nc.R R/relerror.R R/na.interp1.R R/PgivenA.R R/FgivenA.R R/AgivenF.R R/PgivenFivary.R R/shm.R R/Manningrect.R R/ranges.R R/Manningtri.R R/benefitcost.R R/igivenPFn.R R/SimpIntPaid.R
man/Manningtri.Rd man/PgivenG.Rd man/cotd.Rd man/n.Rd man/Manningcirc.Rd man/length_octave.Rd man/igivenPFn.Rd man/cv.Rd man/asecd.Rd man/ranges.Rd man/FgivenA.Rd man/AgivenG.Rd man/atan2d.Rd man/relerror.Rd man/CompIntPaid.Rd man/secd.Rd man/PgivenA.Rd man/acscd.Rd man/PgivenFcont.Rd man/acosd.Rd man/Manningpara.Rd man/FgivenP.Rd man/numel.Rd man/PgivenF.Rd man/SimpIntPaid.Rd man/atand.Rd man/AgivenP.Rd man/PgivenA1.Rd man/asind.Rd man/concr_mix_normal_strength.Rd man/Manningtrap.Rd man/FgivenPcont.Rd man/volsphere.Rd man/cosd.Rd man/PgivenFivary.Rd man/size.Rd man/rms.Rd man/shm.Rd man/AgivenF.Rd man/benefitcost.Rd man/PgivenAcont.Rd man/righttri.Rd man/nc3.Rd man/EffInt.Rd man/iemisc.Rd man/tand.Rd man/acotd.Rd man/AgivenFcont.Rd man/na.interp1.Rd man/nc1.Rd man/nc2.Rd man/sind.Rd man/approxerror.Rd man/Manningrect.Rd man/sgm.Rd man/FgivenAcont.Rd man/nc4.Rd man/cscd.Rd man/ngivenPFi.Rd man/AgivenPcont.Rd

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