R package that contains Irucka Embry's miscellaneous functions: statistical analysis [RMS, coefficient of variation (CV), approximate and relative error, range, harmonic mean, geometric mean], engineering economics (benefit-cost, future value, present value, annual value, gradients, interest, periods, etc.), geometry (sphere volume and right triangle), civil & environmental/water resources engineering (Concrete Mix Design for Normal Strength & Structural Lightweight Concrete, Manning's n, Gauckler-Manning-Strickler equation), a version of linear interpolation for use with NAs, GNU Octave/MATLAB compatible trigonometric functions in degrees, & GNU Octave/MATLAB compatible size, numel, and length functions.




With credit due to the matlab package, for a complete list of functions and the package DESCRIPTION file, use R library(help = "iemisc") | Getting Help with R help(shm, package = "iemisc") help(package = "iemisc")

Examples (see more examples in the vignette and in the function descriptions)


# 1)
set.seed(200) # makes the example reproducible

samp <- rnorm(200) # sample

# Calculate the sample harmonic mean (SHM) of the 200 values
# Using the default value of na.rm = FALSE
# using a matrix of the numeric vector obs1
samp1 <- matrix(data = samp, nrow = length(samp), ncol = 1, byrow = FALSE,
dimnames = list(c(rep("", length(samp))), "Sample"))


# 2)
# Compute the relative error of the 210 values
set.seed(210) # makes the example reproducible
true <- rnorm(210) # true
approx <- rnorm(210) # approximation

relerror(true, approx)

# 3)
# Are any of the following right triangles?

righttri(2, 7) # a = 2, b = 7

righttri(a = 4, c = 11)

righttri(b = 4, c = 5)

# 4)
# What is the future worth of $2,390.90 in the present 13 years from now with a
# 0.25% interest rate compounded annually?

FgivenP(2390.90, 13, 0.25, frequency = "annual") # the interest rate is 0.25%


This software is provided "AS IS." See the GPL License for more information.


iemisc is distributed under the GPL-3 (or later) license, as stated in the DESCRIPTION file. For more info, see the GNU General Public License (GPL) page.

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