get_input_at: Retrieve tensors for layers with multiple nodes

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Retrieve tensors for layers with multiple nodes


Whenever you are calling a layer on some input, you are creating a new tensor (the output of the layer), and you are adding a "node" to the layer, linking the input tensor to the output tensor. When you are calling the same layer multiple times, that layer owns multiple nodes indexed as 1, 2, 3. These functions enable you to retrieve various tensor properties of layers with multiple nodes.


get_input_at(object, node_index)

get_output_at(object, node_index)

get_input_shape_at(object, node_index)

get_output_shape_at(object, node_index)

get_input_mask_at(object, node_index)

get_output_mask_at(object, node_index)



Layer or model object


Integer, index of the node from which to retrieve the attribute. E.g. node_index = 1 will correspond to the first time the layer was called.


A tensor (or list of tensors if the layer has multiple inputs/outputs).

See Also

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