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"Eating the Liver of Data Science"

accuracyAverage classification accuracy
adultadult data set
advertisingadvertising data set
bankBank marketing data set
cerealCereal data set
churnChurn data set
churnCreditChurn dataset for Credit Card Customers
churnTelchurnTel dataset
conf.matConfusion Matrix
conf.mat.plotPlot Confusion Matrix
coronaCorona data set
fertilizerFertilizer data set
househouse data set
housePricehousePrice dataset
insuranceinsurance data set
kNNk-Nearest Neighbour Classification
kNN.plotVisualizing the Optimal Number of k
liver-packageliver: "Eating the Liver of Data Science"
maeMean Absolute Error (MAE)
marketingmarketing data set
minmaxMin-Max normalization
mseMean Squared Error (MSE)
partitionPartition the data
riskRisk data set
skimSkim a data frame to get useful summary statistics
transformZ-score normalization
zscoreZ-score normalization
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