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The marketing dataset contains 8 features and 40 records as 40 days that report how much we spent, how many clicks, impressions and transactions we got, whether or not a display campaign was running, as well as our revenue, click-through-rate and conversion rate. The target feature is revenue and the remaining 7 variables are predictors.


 data( marketing ) 


The marketing dataset, as a data frame, contains 40 rows and 8 columns (variables/features). The 8 variables are:

  • spend: daily send of money on PPC (apy-per-click).

  • clicks: number of clicks on for that ad.

  • impressions: amount of impressions per day.

  • display: whether or not a display campaign was running.

  • transactions: number of transactions per day.

  • click.rate: click-through-rate.

  • conversion.rate: conversion rate.

  • revenue: daily revenue.


A detailed description of the dataset can be found:

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data( marketing )

str( marketing )

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