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The dataset is from an anonymous organisation's social media ad campaign. The advertising dataset contains 11 features and 1143 records.


 data( advertising ) 


The advertising dataset, as a data frame, contains 1143 rows and 11 columns (variables/features). The 11 variables are:

  • an unique ID for each ad.

  • an ID associated with each ad campaign of XYZ company.

  • an ID associated with how Facebook tracks each campaign.

  • age: age of the person to whom the ad is shown.

  • gender: gender of the person to whim the add is shown.

  • interest: a code specifying the category to which the person's interest belongs (interests are as mentioned in the person's Facebook public profile).

  • impressions: the number of times the ad was shown.

  • clicks: number of clicks on for that ad.

  • spend: amount paid by company xyz to Facebook, to show that ad.

  • conversion: total number of people who enquired about the product after seeing the ad.

  • approved: total number of people who bought the product after seeing the ad.


A detailed description of the dataset can be found:

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data( advertising )

str( advertising )

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