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The adult dataset was collected from the US Census Bureau and the primary task is to predict whether a given adult makes more than $50K a year based attributes such as education, hours of work per week, etc. The target feature is income, a factor with levels "<=50K" and ">50K", and the remaining 14 variables are predictors.


 data( adult ) 


The adult dataset, as a data frame, contains 48598 rows and 15 columns (variables/features). The 15 variables are:

  • age: age in years.

  • workclass: a factor with 6 levels.

  • demogweight: the demographics to describe a person.

  • education: a factor with 16 levels.

  • education.num: number of years of education.

  • marital.status: a factor with 5 levels.

  • occupation: a factor with 15 levels.

  • relationship: a factor with 6 levels.

  • race: a factor with 5 levels.

  • gender: a factor with levels "Female","Male".

  • capital.gain: capital gains.

  • capital.loss: capital losses.

  • hours.per.week: number of hours of work per week.

  • a factor with 42 levels.

  • income: yearly income as a factor with levels "<=50K" and ">50K".


This dataset can be downloaded from the UCI machine learning repository:

A detailed description of the dataset can be found in the UCI documentation at:


Kohavi, R. (1996). Scaling up the accuracy of naive-bayes classifiers: A decision-tree hybrid. Kdd.

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data( adult )

str( adult )

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