churnCredit: Churn dataset for Credit Card Customers

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Churn dataset for Credit Card Customers


Customer churn occurs when customers stop doing business with a company, also known as customer attrition. The data set contains 10127 rows (customers) and 21 columns (features). The "churn" column is our target which indicate whether customer churned (left the company) or not.


 data( churnCredit ) 


The churnCredit dataset, as a data frame, contains 10127 rows (customers) and 21 columns (variables/features). The 21 variables are:

  • customer.ID: Customer ID.

  • gender: Whether the customer is a male or a female.

  • age: Customer's Age in Years.

  • educaton: Educational Qualification of the account holder (example: high school, college graduate, etc.)

  • marital.status: Married, Single, Divorced, Unknown

  • income: Annual Income (in Dollar). Category of the account holder (< $40K, $40K - 60K, $60K - $80K, $80K-$120K, > $120K).

  • dependent.counts: Number of dependent counts.

  • card.category: Type of Card (Blue, Silver, Gold, Platinum).

  • Period of relationship with bank.

  • relationship.count: Total number of products held by the customer.

  • months.inactive: Number of months inactive in the last 12 months.

  • contacts.count.12: Number of Contacts in the last 12 months.

  • credit.limit: Credit Limit on the Credit Card.

  • revolving.balance: Total Revolving Balance on the Credit Card.

  • Open to Buy Credit Line (Average of last 12 months).

  • transaction.amount.Q4.Q1: Change in Transaction Amount (Q4 over Q1).

  • transaction.amount.12: Total Transaction Amount (Last 12 months).

  • transaction.count: Total Transaction Count (Last 12 months).

  • transaction.change: Change in Transaction Count (Q4 over Q1).

  • utilization.ratio: Average Card Utilization Ratio.

  • churn: Whether the customer churned or not (yes or no).


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data( churnCredit )

str( churnCredit )

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