Man pages for mistat
Data Sets, Functions and Examples from the Book: "Modern Industrial Statistics" by Kenett, Zacks and Amberti

ALMPINAluminium Pins (6 dimensions)
ARMARandom realization of ARMA prcess
availDisAvailability Distribution
BLEMISHESNumber of Blemishes on Ceramic Plates
COALNumber of Coal Mine Disasters
COMPURESPComputer Response Time Optimization
CONTACTLENLength of the Electrical Contacts
cusumArlCumulative Sum Control Charts Average Run Length
cusumPfaCedCusum Probability of False Alarm and Conditional Expected...
CYCLT50 Cycle Times
DISSDissolution Data
dlmLgDynamic Linear Model with linear growth
DOJO1935Dow-Jones Financial Index 1935
DOW1941Dow-Jones Financial Index 1941
dynOABDynamic programming of the optimal One-Armed Bandits
ELECFAILFailures of an Electronic Device
ELECINDXBernoulli Sample on OELECT Data
ETCHRATEData on the Rate of Etching
ETCHRATETWOData on the Rate of Etching (two samples)
FAILTIMEFailure Times
FILMSPFilm Speed
FLEXPRODThe Quinlan Experiment at Flex Products
GASOLDistillation Properties of Crude Oils
GASTURBINEGas Turbine Cycle Times
HADPASResistance Values of Hybrids
HYBRIDResistance Values of Res 3
INSERTIONComponents Insertions into a Board
IPLNumber of Computer Crashes per Month
JANDEFECTJanuary Number of Defects in Daily Samples
KEYBOARDSNew Designs of Feyboards for Desktop Computers
LATHYPPISTONLatin Hypercube Design for the Piston Simulator
mahalanobisT2Mahalanobis T^2
masPred1Moving Average Smoothing Predictor
mistat-packageThe Modern Industrial Statistics Package
MPGGasoline Consumption of Cars by Origin
nrwmNormal Random Walk
OELECTElectric Voltage Outputs of Rectifying Circuits
OELECT1Electric Voltage Outputs of Another Rectifying Circuit
OTURBCycle Times of a Piston
OTURB1Cycle Times of a Piston from the Piston Simulator
OTURB2Sample Mean and Standard Deviation of Cycle Times of a Piston
PBXSoftware Errors Found in Testing a PBX
pistonSimulationThe Piston Simulator
PLACEDisplacements of Electronic Components on Printed Circuit...
powerCircuitSimulationThe Power Circuit Simulator
PREDSoldering Points
pred1Linear Predictor for Covariance Stationary Time Series
predARMAPrediction of an AR 3 process
predPolyQuadratic Predictor
randomizationTestRandomization Test
renewDisRenewals Disribution
RNORM10Random Sample from N(10, 1)
SeasComMonthly demand for a commodity
shroArlPfaCedARL, PFA and CED of Shiryayev-Roberts procedure
simOABBayesian One-Armed Bernoulli Bandits process
simulationGroupSimulation Group
SOCELLShort Circuit Current of Solar Cells
SOLDEFSolder Defects
STEELROD50 Measurements of the Length of Steel Rods in cm
STRESSStress Levels
THICKDIFFDifference in Thickness
toeplitzToeplitz matrix
TSQT^2 values of PLACE data
VENDORNumber of cycles required until latch failure
WEIBULRandom sample from a Weibull distribution
YARNSTRGYarn strength
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