Man pages for mixtox
Dose Response Curve Fitting and Mixture Toxicity Assessment

antibiotoxToxicity of Seven Antibiotics on Photobacteria
BMDCalculating benchmark dose (BMD) and lower limit of benchmark...
caPredMixture Toxicity Prediction Based on Concentration Addition
CExEffect Calculation for All Ninteen Curves
curveFitCurve Fitting
cytotoxCytotoxicity of Heavy Metal Ions and Ionic Liquids on MCF-7
DTcvcritical value for Dunnett's test
ecaPredMixture Effect Predicted by CA at Particular Concentration of...
ECxEffect Concentration Calculation for Sigmoidal Models
eiaPredMixture Effect Predicted by IA at Particular Concentration of...
figPlotPloting concentration response curve
gcaHillMixture Toxicity Prediction Using GCA (Hill_two)
gcaPredMixture Toxicity Prediction Using GCA (General)
getCICalculating Confidence Intervals
hormesisNon-monotonic Concentration-response Data
iaPredMixture Toxicity Prediction Based on Independent Action
jacobianJacobian Matrix Calculation
mixtoxDose-Response Curve Fitting and Mixture Toxicity Assessment
nmECxEffect Concentration Calculation for J-shaped Models
NOECNOEC and LOEC Calculation
qq4resResidual Normal QQ Plot
readModelRead curve fitting information
readToxRead dose-response data
showEqList Requested Equations
stavalStarting Values for 13 Sigmoidal and 4 Hormetic Models
tuneFitFind Optimal Starting values for Curve Fitting
unidTabUniform Design Table
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