mixtox: Dose-Response Curve Fitting and Mixture Toxicity Assessment

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Dose-Response Curve Fitting and Mixture Toxicity Assessment


Curve Fitting for monotonic(sigmoidal) & non-monotonic(J-shaped) concentration-response data. Prediction of mixture toxicity based on reference models such as 'concentration addition', 'independent action', and 'generalized concentration addition'.


Package: mixtox
Type: Package
Version: 1.3.3
Date: 2022-06-19
License: GPL-2

(1) Curve fitting of concentration-responses based on 13 monotonic(sigmoidal) and 4 non-monotonic(J-shaped) models, goodness of fit, and calculation of confidence interval .
(2) Experimental design for mixture toxicity. acr: arbitrary concentration ratio; eecr: equal effect concentration ratio; udcr: uniform design concentration ratio.
(3) Mixture toxicity prediction based on reference models such as concentration addition (CA), independent action (IA), and generalized concentration addition (GCA).


xiangwei zhu
Maintainer: xiangwei zhu <xwzhunc@gmail.com>


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