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R-Language Based Calculus Operations for Teaching

AquamanBox office from the movie Aquaman
argMFind local extreme points
basis_setsBasis sets for for function approximation
Body_fatMeasurements of body-fat percentage and related quantities
boundsSpecify a domain over which a function is to be graphed
box_setEvenly spaced samples across a one- or two-dim domain
BoyleRobert Boyle's pressure vs volume measurements
CalculusDerivative and Anti-derivative operators
CelloShort recordings of a cello and a violin
ChirpsCricket chirp rate and temperature
contour_plotContour plots of functions of two variables
Covid_USCOVID data from the first half of the pandemic
CPUsCharacteristics of computer central processing unit chips...
create_num_antiDCreate a numerical anti-derivative function which can be...
df2matrixConstruct a model matrix from data as if by hand
dynamicsDynamical systems calculations and graphics
EbolaAllCase numbers in an Ebola outbreak in 2014
Effective_oxygenEffective amount of oxygen available at different altitudes
EnginesCharacteristics of various internal combustion engines
first_three_argsHandle the first three arguments of graphics functions
fitSplineFind zeros of a function
Fly_ballTrajectory of a fly ball in baseball
gradient_plotPlot a vector field
HDD_MinneapolisHeating degree days in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
Home_utilitiesGas and electricity usage by a home in St. Paul, MN
inequality_constraintGraphics for constraints
infer_RHSUtilities for formulas and graphics arguments
inlineTurn a 1-line function into an inline formula
inscribed_circleCreate a data frame for a circle marking the curvature of a...
IntegrateIntegrate a function
integrateODEIntegrate ordinary differential equations
is_in_domaincheck whether a value is in a domain
IterateIterate a function on an initial condition
KeplerKepler's calculation of the position of Mars
M2014FMortality versus age for females in the US in 2014
makeODECreate a dynamics object for use in 'integrateODE()' and the...
numDNumerical Derivatives
PE_fun1Potential energy functions used as examples in _MOSAIC...
PicketCreates a "picket fence" of points for illustrating numerical...
PlanetsNASA data on planets
Planet_solarSolar irradiance of the planets
plotFunPlot functions of one and two variables using lattice system
qsplinerCreate a quadratic spline (inefficiently)
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
rfunGenerate a "natural looking" function of one or multiple...
Robot_stationsWaypoints on the path of a fictitious robot
RunnersRunning times
ShapesShapes used in moment of inertia calculations
simpleYacasIntegrateInterface to integration using Ryacas
slice_plotPlot a function of a single variable
smootherCreate a smoothing function approximating a cloud of points
SSA_2007US Mortality table from 2007
surface_plotMake an interactive plotly plot of a function of two...
symbolicDSymbolic Derivatives
TidesTide levels from the US NOAA
traj_plotPlots a trajectory
traj_plot_3DSimple 3D plot of a trajectory
UK_GDPGross Domestic Product of the United Kingdom over a millenium
unboundIdentifying unbound inputs to a function
US_incomeIncome distribution data from the US in 2009
vector_argconvert a function with separate arguments into one with a...
vectorsUtilities for vector calculations
Vowel_eeRecordings of vowel sounds
ZerosFinds zeros of a function within a specified domain
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