Man pages for pheno2geno
High-Throughput Generation of Genetic Markers and Maps from Molecular Phenotypes for Crosses Between Inbred Strains additional data to a population object
assignedChrToMarkersFunction that assigns a chromosome label to a genetic marker
changeChromNumberChange the number of chromosomes in a cross object
create.populationCreate a population object
cross.denovoCreate a de novo genetic map from a population object.
cross.saturateSaturate an existing genetic map.
fake.populationSimulate a population object.
findDiffExpressedFinding differentially expressed genes.
find.mixupsFind sample mix-ups
generate.biomarkersGenerate discrete biomarkers from the continuous phenotypes
map.functionsFunctions to provide some descriptive statistics on genetic...
markerPlacementPlotPlot number of markers selected.
markersCorPlotPlotting correlation between markers on two maps.
phenotypes2genotypes-internalInternal pheno2geno functions
phenotypes2genotypes-packagePheno2Geno - High-throughput generation of genetic markers...
plotChildrenExpressionPlotting routine for children expression data.
plotMapComparisonPlotting routine for comparison of two genetic maps.
plotParentalExpressionPlotting routine for parental expression data.
power.plotComparison of power of qtl detection.
projectOldMarkersPlotting routine which shows where markers from original map...
pull.biomarkersExtract the detected biomarkers from a population object.
qtl.comparison.plotComparison of qtl profiles.
read.populationLoading genotype and phenotype data
reorganizeMarkersWithinReorganize markers within cross object.
RPpvalVisualize the outcome of a Rank product analysis
save.gffSaving gff files.
scan.qtlsScan qtls
set.geno.from.crossPull genotype from an object of class cross.
testCrossTest cross object
testPopulationTest population object
transformationsBasic functions to do transformation / normalization of...
write.populationWrites a population object to file.
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