Man pages for prob
Elementary Probability on Finite Sample Spaces

addrvAdding Random Variables to a Probability Space
cardsA Standard Set of Playing Cards
CharFuncCharacteristic functions
countrepCount Repetitions
empiricalEmpirical Summary of a Simulation
euchredeckA Deck of Playing Cards for Euchre
gen2wayTableGenerate Two-way Tables
genIndepTableGenerate Independent Two-way Table
genLogRegDataGenerate data for logistic regression
genXdataGenerate continuous model matrix data
iidspaceIndependent Identical Experiments
intersectIntersection of Subsets
isinTest Whether One Vector Is In Another Vector
is.probspaceTesting for a Probability Space
isrepIs Repeated in a Vector
marginalMarginal Distributions
noorderSort and Merge Probability Space Outcomes
nsampNumber of Samples from an Urn
permsnGenerate All Permutations of x Elements Taken m at a Time
probProbability and Conditional Probability
prob-packageElementary Probability on Finite Sample Spaces
probspaceProbability Spaces
rolldieRolling a Die
setdiffSet Difference of Subsets
simSimulate Draws from a Sample Space
subsetSubsets of Probability Spaces
tosscoinTossing a Coin
unionUnion of Subsets
urnsamplesSampling from Urns
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