spark_compilation_spec: Define a Spark Compilation Specification

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Define a Spark Compilation Specification


For use with compile_package_jars. The Spark compilation specification is used when compiling Spark extension Java Archives, and defines which versions of Spark, as well as which versions of Scala, should be used for compilation.


  spark_version = NULL,
  spark_home = NULL,
  scalac_path = NULL,
  scala_filter = NULL,
  jar_name = NULL,
  jar_path = NULL,
  jar_dep = NULL,
  embedded_srcs = "embedded_sources.R"



The Spark version to build against. This can be left unset if the path to a suitable Spark home is supplied.


The path to a Spark home installation. This can be left unset if spark_version is supplied; in such a case, sparklyr will attempt to discover the associated Spark installation using spark_home_dir.


The path to the scalac compiler to be used during compilation of your Spark extension. Note that you should ensure the version of scalac selected matches the version of scalac used with the version of Spark you are compiling against.


An optional R function that can be used to filter which scala files are used during compilation. This can be useful if you have auxiliary files that should only be included with certain versions of Spark.


The name to be assigned to the generated jar.


The path to the jar tool to be used during compilation of your Spark extension.


An optional list of additional jar dependencies.


Embedded source file(s) under <R package root>/java to be included in the root of the resulting jar file as resources


Most Spark extensions won't need to define their own compilation specification, and can instead rely on the default behavior of compile_package_jars.

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