ceiling_density: Ceiling-based density dependence

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Ceiling-based density dependence


In-built density dependence function that constrains the number of individuals in a cell based on the carrying capacity of that cell in a timestep. Note, carrying_capacity must be provided in the landscape object to use this function (see landscape). Only specified stages that contribute to density dependence are considered in the calculations and excess individuals are removed from only the contributing stages. This type of density dependence only affects the population once it reaches the carrying capacity. While population size is below carrying capacity, the population grows according to the transition matrix.


ceiling_density(stages = NULL)



which life-stages contribute to density dependence and are removed in a timestep - default is all


# Cap the population at carrying capacity with only the second and third
# life stage used in calculations to determine density dependence. 

## Not run: 
cap_population <- ceiling_density(stages = c(2, 3))

ls <- landscape(population = egk_pop, suitability = egk_hab, carrying_capacity = egk_k)

pd <- population_dynamics(change = growth(egk_mat), density_dependence = cap_population)

simulation(landscape = ls, population_dynamics = pd, habitat_dynamics = NULL, timesteps = 20)

## End(Not run)

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