Defines functions install_tfaddons

Documented in install_tfaddons

#' @title Install TensorFlow SIG Addons
#' @description This function is used to install the `TensorFlow SIG Addons` python module

#' @param version for specific version of `TensorFlow SIG Addons`, e.g. "0.10.0"
#' @param ... other arguments passed to [reticulate::py_install()].
#' @param restart_session Restart R session after installing (note this will only occur within RStudio).
#' @return a python module `tensorflow_addons`
#' @importFrom reticulate py_config py_install
#' @export
install_tfaddons <- function(version = NULL, ..., restart_session = TRUE) {

  if (is.null(version))
    module_string <- paste0("tensorflow-addons==", '0.10.0')
    module_string <- paste0("tensorflow-addons==", version)

  py_install(packages = paste(module_string), pip = TRUE, ...)

  if (restart_session && rstudioapi::hasFun("restartSession"))

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