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Ratings show people’s opinions of a product, helping others make more informed purchasing decisions. People can also rate products they’ve purchased.

For more details and examples visit the official docs. The R package can not handle each and every case, so for advanced use cases you need to work using the original docs to achieve the desired result.



Rating.shinyInput(inputId, ..., value = defaultValue)

  session = shiny::getDefaultReactiveDomain(),



Props to pass to shiny.react::reactElement. See allowed props listed below in Details section


Id of the component






  • allowZeroStars boolean
    Allow the rating value to be set to 0 instead of a minimum of 1.

  • ariaLabelFormat string
    Optional label format for a rating star that will be read by screen readers. Can be used like "{0} of {1} stars selected", where {0} will be substituted by the current rating and {1} will be substituted by the max rating.

  • ariaLabelId string
    Deprecated: Optional id of label describing this instance of Rating.

  • componentRef IRefObject<IRating>
    Optional callback to access the IRating interface. Use this instead of ref for accessing the public methods and properties of the component.

  • getAriaLabel (rating: number, max: number) => string

  • icon string
    Custom icon

  • max number
    Maximum rating, defaults to 5, has to be \>= min

  • min number
    Minimum rating, defaults to 1, has to be \>= 0

  • onChange (event: React.FocusEvent<HTMLElement>, rating?: number) => void
    Callback issued when the rating changes.

  • onChanged (rating: number) => void

  • rating number
    Selected rating, has to be an integer between min and max

  • readOnly boolean
    Optional flag to mark rating control as readOnly

  • size RatingSize
    Size of rating, defaults to small

  • styles IStyleFunctionOrObject<IRatingStyleProps, IRatingStyles>
    Call to provide customized styling that will layer on top of the variant rules.

  • theme ITheme
    Theme (provided through customization.)

  • unselectedIcon string
    Custom icon for unselected rating elements.

Best practices


  • Make it clear which item the rating pertains to by making sure the layout and grouping are clear when several items are on the page.

  • Don't use the rating component for data that has a continuous range, such as the brightness of a photo. Instead, use a slider.


  • Use a five-star rating system.

  • Use sentence-style capitalization—only capitalize the first word. For more info, see Capitalization in the Microsoft Writing Style Guide.



if (interactive()) {
    ui = div(
      Rating.shinyInput("rating", value = 2),
    server = function(input, output) {
      output$ratingValue <- renderText({
        sprintf("Value: %s", input$rating)

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