Man pages for DillonHammill/cytoSuite
Compensation & Gating Routines for Analysis of Flow Cytometry Data

checkAliasCheck Supplied Alias
checkChannelsCheck Channels Supplied to drawGate.
checkFileCheck File Exists in Working Directory
checkGateTypeCheck Gate Types(s) Supplied drawGate.
checkOSGDCheck Operating System & Open New Graphics Device
checkTemplateCheck gatingTemplate for Existing Entry
computePopStatsCompute Population Level Statistics for a GatingSet.
computeSpilloverCompute Spillover Matrix
computeSpillover-flowSet-methodCompute Spillover Matrix - flowSet Method
computeSpillover-GatingSet-methodCompute Spillover Matrix - GatingSet Method
drawBoundaryDraw Boundary Gate(s) for Analysis of Flow Cytometry Data.
drawCompPlotsCompensation Plots
drawEllipseDraw Ellipsoid Gate(s) for Analysis of Flow Cytometry Data.
drawGate-flowFrame-methoddrawGate flowFrame Method.
drawGate-flowSet-methoddrawGate flowSet Method
drawGate-GatingSet-methoddrawGate GatingSet Method
drawIntervalDraw Interval Gate(s) for Analysis of Flow Cytometry Data.
drawPlotInteractive Plots of Flow Cytometry Data.
drawPolygonDraw Polygon Gate(s) for Analysis of Flow Cytometry Data.
drawQuadrantsDraw Quadrant Gates for Analysis of Flow Cytometry Data.
drawRectangleDraw Rectangle Gate(s) for Analysis of Flow Cytometry Data.
drawThresholdDraw Threshold Gate(s) for Analysis of Flow Cytometry Data.
drawWebDraw Web Gate for Analysis of Flow Cytometry Data.
editGateEdit Existing Gate(s).
editSpilloverEdit Spillover Matrix
editSpillover-flowSet-methodEdit Spillover Matrix - flowSet Method
editSpillover-GatingSet-methodEdit Spillover Matrix GatingSet Method
editSpillover_themeGraphics Theme Used for editSpillover.
extractGateExtract Saved Gate(s) from gatingTemplate.
gate_drawdrawGate Plugin for openCyto
gate_manualApply Stored Gates to GatingSet
getChannelsExtract Fluorescent Channels
getChannels-flowFrame-methodExtract Fluorescent Channels - flowFrame Method
getChannels-flowSet-methodExtract Fluorescent Channels - flowSet Method
getChannels-GatingSet-methodExtract Fluorescent Channels - GatingSet Method
getGateTypeGet gate_type from Saved Gate.
lines.interceptDetermine intersection between two lines
plotGatesPlot gates stored in filters list on an existing plot.
plotLabelsLabel Plots with Population Name and Frequency.
removeGateRemove Gate(s) and Edit gatingTemplate .csv File
sampleFrameSample a flowFrame
selectChannelsSelect Fluorescent Channel for Single Stain Controls
selectFramesSelect flowFrames Based on pData
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