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A bundle of health, fitness, food and body related equations, formula's and more, so you can become fit

befitteR-packagebefitteR: A bundle of health, fitness, food and body related...
bfp_formulasBody fat percentage equations
calculate_absiCalculate ABSI
calculate_baiCalculate Body Adiposity Index
calculate_bfpCalculate body fat percentage
calculate_bmiCalculate body mass index
calculate_bmi_primeCalculate BMI prime
calculate_bsaCalculate body surface area
calculate_eeeExercise Energy Expenditure
calculate_fat_massCalculate fat mass
calculate_healthy_weightCalculate healthy weight
calculate_ideal_weightCalculate ideal weight
calculate_lean_massCalculates lean mass
calculate_macrosCalculate macro's
calculate_muscle_massCalculate muscle mass
calculate_neatNon exercise-related activity thermogenesis
calculate_one_rmCalculate 1 Rep Max
calculate_paeePhysical activity Energy Expenditure
calculate_palPhysical activity level
calculate_piCalculate Ponderal Index (Corpulence Index)
calculate_platesCalculate which plates are needed for a lift
calculate_rmrCalculate resting metabolic rate
calculate_rmr_CHThe Cunningham equation (Resting Daily Energy Expenditure)
calculate_rmr_HBOriginal Harris-Benedict equation
calculate_rmr_KMAThe Katch-McArdle equation (Resting Daily Energy Expenditure)
calculate_rmr_KMAHThe Katch-McArdle-hybrid equation (Resting Daily Energy...
calculate_rmr_MSJMifflin St Jeor Equation
calculate_rmr_RHBRevised Harris-Benedict equation
calculate_sbsiCalculate SBSI
calculate_strength_levelCalculate strength level
calculate_tdeeCalculate TDEE
calculate_tefThermic effect of food
calculate_vtcCalculate VTC
calculate_water_intakeCalculate water intake
calculate_whrWaist to hip ratio
calculate_whtrWaist to height ratio
calculate_wilksCalculate Wilks score
check_weight_goalCalculate if your goal is realistic
create_reportCreate Report
fat_to_kcalFat (g) to kcal
fluidounce_to_literFluid ounces to liters
inch_to_cmInches to centimeters
kcal_to_carbsKcal to carbs
kcal_to_fatKcal to fat
kcal_to_jouleKcal to joule
kcal_to_proteinKcal to protein
lbs_to_kgLbs to kilograms
one_rm_formulasCalculate one rep max
pipePipe operator
standardsStrength standards.
weight_goalTDEE for weight change
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