Man pages for alexvpickering/crossmeta
Cross Platform Meta-Analysis of Microarray Data

add_sourcesAdd sample source information for meta-analysis.
contributeContribute results of meta-analysis to public database.
diff_exprDifferential expression analysis of esets.
diff_pathDifferential expression of KEGG pathways.
es_metaEffect size combination meta analysis.
explore_pathsExplore pathway meta analyses.
format_fdrsMake FDR values readable
get_rawDownload and unpack microarray supplementary files from GEO.
gslistKEGG human pathway genes.
gs.namesMap between KEGG pathway numbers and names.
load_diffLoad previous differential expression analyses.
load_pathLoad previous pathway analyses.
load_rawLoad and annotate raw data downloaded from GEO.
path_metaPathway p-value meta analysis.
setup_prevSetup selections when many samples.
symbol_annotAdd hgnc symbol to expression set.
which_max_iqrGet row indices of maximum IQR within annotation groups
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