API for anthony-aylward/chenimbalance
Allelic imbalance mapping procedure from Chen et al. A uniform survey of allele-specific binding and expression over 1000-Genomes-Project individuals (2016)

Global functions
accb Man page
alleledb_beta_binomial Man page
asb Man page
bin_according_to_empirical_distribution Man page
bisect Man page
change_counts_into_density Man page
chenimbalance_color_palette Man page
choose_overdispersion_parameter Man page
choose_probability_of_success_parameter Man page
cutoff Man page
empirical_allelic_ratio Man page
fp Man page
graded_weights_for_sse_calculation Man page
nulldistrib Man page
optimize_overdispersion_parameter Man page
optimize_probability_of_success_parameter Man page
parametric_probability_mass Man page
plot_distributions Man page
weight_by_empirical_counts Man page
weight_with_actual_counts_in_empirical Man page
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