Man pages for databio/GenomicDistributions
Produces Summaries and Plots of Features Distributed Across Genomes

aggregateOverGenomeBinsReturns the distribution of query over a reference assembly...
assignPartitionsTakes a GRanges object, then assigns each element to a...
binBSGenomeBins a BSgenome object.
binChromsNaively splits a chromosome into bins
binRegionDivide regions into roughly equal bins
chromSizes_hg19Chromosome sizes
chromSizes_hg38Chromosome sizes
chromSizes_mm10Chromosome sizes
chromSizes_mm9Chromosome sizes
featureAggregateDistributionCalculates the distribution of a query set over the genome
featureDistanceDistributionFind the distance to the nearest genomic feature
geneModels_hg19Gene models
geneModels_hg38Gene models
geneModels_mm10Gene models
geneModels_mm9Gene models
genomePartitionListCreate a basic genome partition list of genes, exons,...
GenomicDistributionsProduces summaries and plots of features distributed across...
genomicPartitionsCalculates the distribution of overlaps for a query set to...
loadBSgenomeLoads BSgenome objects from UCSC-style character vectors.
loadEnsDbLoads Ensemble gene annotations (EnsDb objects) from...
plotFeatureDistPlots a histogram of distances to genomic features
plotGenomeAggregatePlot distribution over chromosomes
plotPartitionsProduces a barplot showing how query regions of interest are...
TSSDistanceCalculates the distribution of distances from a query set to...
TSS_hg19TSS locations
TSS_hg38TSS locations
TSS_mm10TSS locations
TSS_mm9TSS locations
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