Man pages for ellispatrick/spicyR
Spatial analysis of in situ cytometry data

AccessorsAccessors for SegmentedCells
bindProduces a dataframe showing L-function metric for each...
colTestPerform a simple wilcoxon-rank-sum test or t-test on the...
convPairsConverts colPairs object into an abundance matrix based on...
diabetesDataDiabetes IMC data
diabetesData_SCEDiabetes IMC data in SCE format.
getPairwiseGet statistic from pairwise L curve of a single image.
getPropGet proportions from a SegmentedCells, SingleCellExperiment,...
plot-SegmentedCellsA basic plot for SegmentedCells object
SegmentedCellsThe SegmentedCells class
show-SegmentedCellsShow SegmentedCells
signifPlotPlots result of signifPlot.
spicyPerforms spatial tests on spatial cytometry data.
spicyBoxPlotPlots boxplot for a specified cell-cell relationship
spicyTestResults from spicy for diabetesData
topPairsA table of the significant results from spicy tests
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